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What is the Classification of computer by purpose?


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Computers are classified according to purpose they are designed for.

Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Mainframes, Super Computers etc.


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1 Mainframe Computer 2 Super computer 3 Pocket Computer 4 Mini Computer

classification of computer according to application 1.general purpose computer :- general purpose computer are use for specific economic purpose.for instance computer are used for accounting and payrolls.pc is the best example of g.p.c. 2.specific purpose computer :- specific purpose computer are designed to solve a specific problem. for instance specific purpose computer only numeric data or to completely control automated manufacturing process.

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BusinessScientificProcess ControlSignal ProcessingGeneral Purpose

The purpose of classification is to arrange things in groups of similar items.

The classifications of computer by purpose are: 1. General-purpose computer - a kind of computer which can handle many kind of jobs and is not restricted to any particular use. example: laptop and desktop computers. 2. Special-Purpose computer - a kind of computer which is designed to handle one particular job for one particular purpose. example: Airport computers used to monitor landing and take-off of airplanes.

Computers can be classified into general purpose and special purpose computers. General purpose computers can be applied to a variety of tasks while special purpose computers are molded to suit a particular task.

What is the classification of computer according to its capacity?

Base on purposed, computers are either general purpose or special purpose. General purpose computers are meant for all manner of tasks while Special purpose computers are tailored for unique task.

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classification of computers according to speed?micro computermini computermainframe computersuper computer

Computers can be classified in 2 ways according to purpose. They are,1) General Purpose Computers (For normal day to day usage)2) Specific Purpose Computers (Computers built for a specific task)

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the General Purpose Computer and The Dedicated Purpose Computer

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No, a personal computer is an example of a general-purpose computer. The computer in a VCR is designed for the specific purpose of operating the VCR.

The main purpose of an Apple computer is computing.

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