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There is no such thing as an "OH atom". OH- exists as a negative ion that can form crystalline structures with positive metal ions such as Li+ solutions of which are alkaline. The colour of these compounds depends on the metal, group 1 and 2 metals, to which OH usually coordinates are generally colourless. D block metals tend to form coloured compounds due to splitting in d-orbitals.

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What color is a hydrogen atom?

The color of a hydrogen atom is "colorless".

What is the smalest chemical?

The smallest atom is the atom oh hydrogen.

In alcohols the group that replaces a hydrogen atom is OH?


What is the color of the atom nitrogen?

At the level of individual atoms, no atom has color.

What do a hydrogen atom and on oxygen atom make up?

The hydroxyl anion - (OH)-.

When a photon is emmit out from the atom its color is same as the atom color?

No. The color of the electron depends on the energy difference between the levels from/to which it is changing.

What color is an atom?

Atoms aren't all the same color. It depends on what became that atom, for example, even if you said what is the color of an atom made from soap? That would depend on the soap brand.

What color is an atom in a bomb?

atoms do not have color, in or out of bombs.

Why formula of hydroxide is OH?

The formula for Hydroxide is OH because it is made up of one Oxygen atom and one Hydrogen atom. The formulas for Oxygen and Hydrogen are O and H respectively, so the formula is OH.

Is an electron larger than and atom?

Oh yes. Think of the atom as earth and an electron as the moon.

What is the chemical formula of oh?

OH is hydroxide, consisting of one atom of hydrogen and one of oxygen.

What are primary secondary and tertiary alcohols?

If the C atom bind to -OH only have 1 carbon chain it is a Primary Alcohol.Eg- CH3-CH2-OH If the C atom bind to -OH is binded to 2 carbon chains it is a secondry alcohol.Eg- OH l CH3-CH-CH3 If the C atom bind to -OH is binded to 3 carbon chains,it is a tritiary alcohol.Eg- OH l CH3-C-CH3 l CH3

How many atoms are in calcium hydroxide?

Calcium hydroxide = Ca(OH)2 Ca = 1 atom OH = 2 atoms

What color is the proton of an atom?

A proton has no color. The concept of color has no meaning at the subatomic level.

What color is the middle of a zinc atom?

The middle of any atom has no color because it is so very small that it can not be seen using light.

What is atom fissure?

A kid on Facebook who lives in Chesterland, OH

How many neutrons are there in an atom oh hydrogen 1?


What is the color of imparted flame of NaCl?

The color is yellow - from sodium atom.

What is the original console of yu-gi-oh?

I believe it was the PlayStation I or Gameboy Color (I'm leaning towards Gameboy Color).

How many atoms does Na Oh?

One molecule is composed of three atoms Sodium atom (Na), Oxygen atom (O), and Hydrogen atom (H).

How many atoms are there in Na Oh have?

One molecule is composed of three atoms Sodium atom (Na), Oxygen atom (O), and Hydrogen atom (H).

What color is a carbon atom?

It's grey

What Color Dose OH- Turn Litmus Paper?

The color will be blue.

What is Lewis structure for OH?

In OH- the oxygen atom has one shared pair (single bond) with H atom, furthermore the O has 3 lone pairs, therefore it also carries the negative charge- .

What color is a atom?

because it is so small it does not have a color or we do not know because it is so small

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