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What is the Cost of cabin air filter 2004 Toyota sienna Le?


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about $20 from Walmart

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It doesn't have a cabin filter. They came out with cabin filters in the Tacoma in 2005.

Tacoma models from 95.5-04 did not have a cabin filter.

The cabin air filter is located behind the glove compartment. If you unhook the glove box on both sides the filter case is inside. You pull it out and replace the filter. It shows pictures of this is in the manual

the air filter is under the hood unless your asking about the cabin air filter for the inside air that's coming in for the ac system its behind the glove box

Yes, that filter fits a 2004 Toyota Sienna. But, I would not recommend a Fram filter. Purolator, Bosch, & Wix, all make superior filters to the Fram.

On my 2004 Sienna I have to take out my glove box (it is held in with (2) 10 mm bolt. You have to lay on your head to see the screws. The filter is right behind the glove box after you remove it.

In my 2004 it is behind the glove box.

The Sequoia is the only V8 Toyota without a Cabin Air filter

On the 2004 and later models, there is a mesh filter inside the pan. You have to drop it to change the filter

You can find the 2004 Toyota Camry cabin air filter behind the passenger side dashboard. You will need to remove the passenger side kick plate in order to access the cabin air filter.

The 2004 Toyota Sienna has 24 valves.

The 2004 Toyota Sienna has a V6 engine.

The 2004 Toyota Sienna has a 5-speed automatic.

The 2004 Toyota Sienna is a gas-powered vehicle.

What parts are needed for tune up for a 2004 toyota sienna

The 2004 Toyota Sienna runs on regular unleaded.

The 2004 Toyota Sienna has a 13.3 degrees angle of approach.

The height of the 2004 Toyota Sienna is 5 ft. 8.9 in. (68.9 in.).

The 2004 Toyota Sienna has a drag coefficient of 0.30 Cd.

The 2004 Toyota Sienna has double overhead cam (DOHC).

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