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Your question is too vague to even attempt to answer.

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Q: What is the Cost to repair a ceiling?
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Ceiling Repair?

form_title= Ceiling Repair form_header= Repair a broken ceiling with help from a professional! Why does the ceiling need to be repaired? *= _ How old is the building?* = _ Does your ceiling contain Asbestos?* () Yes () No () Not Sure

How much does a ceiling leak repair cost?

Around 100$ to 300$ Depending on the roof and structure.

What repair ceiling?


Drywall Repair Ceiling?

form_title= Drywall Repair Ceiling form_header= Fix your drywall with help from experts.How old is your home? What are the dimensions of the ceiling?*= _ [50] How old is your home?*= _ [50] Do you want to repaint the ceiling?*= () Yes () No

Who in Melbourne will do ceiling fan repairs cheap?

If you are having problems with your ceiling fan and need a quick and affordable repair, your best plan of action is to phone around your community and ask for a quote. In some cases it may actually be more cost-effective to buy new than opting for a repair. It really depends on the nature of the repair.

How do you repair concrete ceiling crack?

buy a new house

How do you repair cracked ceiling paint?

paint a new coat over it

Popcorn Ceiling Repair?

It is not uncommon to find popcorn ceilings in newly designed and in manufactured homes. Popcorn ceilings are a specific type of textured ceiling that offers both ceiling beauty and contrast to interior home designs. Roof leaks or accidents can generate the need for homeowners to repair popcorn ceilings. There are several considerations to keep in mind when making this type of home repair.Assess the Amount of Ceiling DamageThe first step to popcorn ceiling repair is to assess the amount of damage done. For small sections, it is possible for home owners to make the repairs themselves without hiring an outside contractor. Large sections of damage or extensive damage may require using a contractor to make the repairs.Spraying the Ceiling AreaStaining is often a problem with popcorn ceilings. Household dust may collect in the texture. Sweeping the ceiling to rid it of dust can cause the ceiling to stain. Actual pieces of the texture may brush off of the ceiling to leave unsightly sections. Spraying the sections with additional popcorn ceiling compounds will often correct the damage and alleviate the problem. Most large hardware stores and paint stores stock the popcorn ceiling compound in spray cans.Cutting and Replacing the Ceiling AreaIt might be necessary to cut out sections of the popcorn ceiling that have extensive damage. This type of ceiling repair is usually done best by an outside contractor. Home owner's insurance may cover part or all of the cost of the repair, depending on the cause of the damage. Make certain to ask the contractor if the work is guaranteed. Get the project cost estimate and guarantee in writing before the repair project begins.Underlying Cause of DamageDetermine the underlying cause of damage to the ceiling. It is important for the home owner to address and fix whatever caused the initial damage. Repeated or continued damage can occur if the initial cause of damage is not ascertained and corrected. Home owners will find themselves with continued or repeated damage and repair bills. For example, if the roof leaks and causes ceiling damage the leak needs to be repaired. Otherwise, the next rainfall will create new damage to the repaired ceiling.

What are the release dates for Over Your Head - 2006 Ceiling Repair 1-12?

Over Your Head - 2006 Ceiling Repair 1-12 was released on: USA: 13 January 2007

Where can I learn how to repair drywall?

Some products to repair the ceiling has precise instructions on how to repair it yourself. You can also call professionals and they might give you a step by step on how to repair it yourself.

What is the cost to re float ceiling after popcorn ceiling removal?

Costs vary by geographic location.

Repair an Acoustic Ceiling?

form_title=Repair an Acoustic Ceiling form_header=6383 Describe what is damaged*= [] Tile [] Frame (for suspended ceiling) How many tiles need to be repaired or replaced?*=_[100] What is the problem you are having with your acoustic ceiling?*= () Panels are loose () Panels are cracked () Sound proofing just isn't working () It's just time to replace the panels () Other

Cost to repair a water leak in basement?

The cost to repair a water leak in a basement will depend with the leaking hole. The cost to repair it can range from $20 to about $150.

How do you repair cigarette burns in car ceiling?

you cant repair, only clean. for example, steam clean would be most effective.

Surgery cost to repair torn meniscus?

How much does it cost to repair a torn meniscus

What is the average cost to repair major electric appliances in a kitchen?

The cost of an electronic appliance repair varies depending upon the nature of the repair. The cost of labor is roughly the same, however the part that is being replaced can greatly affect the cost of the repair.

Are ceiling fans with lights worth the cost?

Yes ceiling fans with lights worth the cost becasue you can use them to get cool and reduce your air conditioning cost and you can use the light or not to lighten up a room

What is the Average cost to paint ceiling?

No meaningful answer can be given, it would depend on the size of the ceiling and the type of paint required.

How do you check electrical ceiling wiring?

If you appear to have a problem with wiring in ceiling and no ceiling access, you may have to make your own access. One way in a Sheetrock ceiling would be to cut a hole that will fit a quick access panel. This way you won't have to repair and repairing the area.

How to Repair a Damaged Popcorn Ceiling?

Popcorn ceilings can be beautiful, however if damaged, the repair can be difficult. It is a method of putting acoustical advantages on the ceiling, yet is easy to apply and relatively cost effective. If you are repairing a hole in the ceiling, the hole needs repair before attempting to repair popcorn ceiling texture. When the damage has occurred from a water leak, the leak needs to be repaired before the ceiling. Ensure there is no other damage created from the leak, such as drywall or sheetrock that is soaked. If so, replace the damaged areas before repairing the ceiling. Create a smooth area around the damaged ceiling by sanding it smooth and removing the popcorn texture that already exists. Use a good primer coat before beginning to repair popcorn ceiling texture, otherwise the new coat of texture may not adhere to the ceiling. Compare the texture to make a match between the old and the new texture. A texture that is placed into paint is the best way to repair popcorn texture. Avoid using the spray on product. Using the paint-on texture method allows control of the product, in terms of the size and concentration needed. Purchase fine, medium or a coarser-grade to blend with your pre-existing ceiling texture. As you are painting the areas that are in need of repair, ensure you coat the areas that aren't in need as well to coat the ceiling uniformly. Before painting on the texture, an extra piece of wood or drywall can be painted with the paint-texture mixture to determine the balance of paint vs. popcorn. Applying the texture with a roller is great for the majority of areas. When the repair spot is too close to a wall, a brush of edging tool can get into the areas the roller is too large for. Roll once across the damaged area and allow to dry. Make a second or third pass through the area, until the spot matches the texture on the rest of the ceiling. Dry thoroughly before vacuuming ceiling or cob-webbing the area.

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Ceiling Fan Repair?

form_title=Ceiling Fan Repair form_header=7393 Could you please explain the problem with the ceiling fan?*= () No power to fixture () Tripping circuit breaker/short () Unnecessary noise or vibration () Broken pull string () Remote control doesn't work () Other Is the ceiling fan operated by means of a wall switch plate and or remote?*= [] Wall switch [] Pull string [] Remote control