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Traxxas Stampede

The Stampede is a monster truck, more for offroading. It will not go as fast at the Rustler (around 5-10mph difference) but is still a very good truck. Stampede is one of the best truck to start with.

Traxxas Rustler

The Rustler is like a hybrid, it can go offroad and onroad. You can set it up with onroad tires and adjust the suspension setup to your liking. It's very versitile and light. It also very wide so it will not flip over through sharp corners like the Stampede may.

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Q: What is the Difference between traxxas stampede and traxxas rustler?
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Which is better traxxas stampede or traxxas rustler?

overall stampede 4x4 or rustler vxl prob 4x4 stampede

What is a good electric starter RC truck?

Traxxas Stampede, Slash or Rustler, Losi 1/10 Desert Truck

Is the traxxas vxl brushless rustler the same as the traxxas vxl rustler?


How much does a traxxas stampede cost?

a traxxas stampede costs 179 dollars

How fast can a traxxas rustler go?


What is a good starter remote control car?

The Rustler xl5 the bandit xl5 and the stampede xl5 are all good and fast traxxas cars ranging from 200$ and up

Can a titan 775 fit in a traxxas rustler?

no you can't

Which is faster traxxas rustler VXL or traxxas rustler mamba monster?

It depends which Mamba Monster you are talking about. The Mamba Monster 2 2650kv is faster than the VXL

What terrains can the traxxas stampede go on?

If it helps the stampede is 2-wheel drive:)

Where can a Traxxas Stampede be bought?

A Traxxas Stampede, a remote controlled extreme toy truck, can be found available for purchase online at Amazon. The current price of the truck is $219.

Does the traxxas rustler com with a charged battery?

No they don't they must be charged before they can be used

Does the traxxas stampede vxl come waterproof?

yes if you buy it ''"!!