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Spate irrigation is mostly done in semi-arid areas. Normal areas have conventional irrigation.

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The suspended load moves with the water, the bed load only moves when the river is in spate.

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It is erosion by flowing water, especially when the river is in spate, that can widen the river's banks.

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The sound of the wind in the dark night is being likened (by way of a metaphor) to that of a river in full spateThe sound of the wind in the dark night is being likened (by way of a metaphor) to that of a river in full spateORYou can get an invite to almost all torrent sites here:

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The faster the flow of water the larger the objects that can be carried - large rocks may be rolled when the stream or river is in flood (spate).

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That was the easy bit, going with the flow. The hard bit was going north against the current, especially after the wet season with the rivers in spate.

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