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What is the Differences of makka and madina surah?

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A Makka surah is short and carries a message about oneness of god and the prophethood of the holy prophet. Whilst a madina sura is long, and talks about ethics, and commandments like fasting, praying hajj. etc.

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Where is Shiv in Makka-Madina?

the answer is saudi arabia

Which surah was reveled first in madina?

Chapter 88, Surah Al-Ghashiya was the first Surah reveled in Madina.

Which surah was revealed in makkah and madina?

surah fathia

Is shiv IS ARRETS in makka madina?


Where was the last surah of quran revealed in makkah or madina?

surah nasar

Where was the surah al fajr revealed?


What is makka madina?

kashi makka is not different concepts only this is issue this issuu cause hindumuslim war

Was surah kafiroon reavealed in makah or madina?


What was the first year of hijra?

The year in which Muslims were shifted to Madina from Makka.

Lord shanker exists in makka madina or not?

Lord Shankar does not exists in Makkah or Madina as both these Holy places are only for Muslims.

What are the names of the two cities that Allah has mentioned in the Holy Quran?

Makka and madina

What is the holiest city in Islam is?

In order of preference: Makka (mecca), Madina, Jerushalem.

What were the 2 holy cities of Islam?

Makka Mukarma, Madina Munwra, Jerushalem

Where is makka madina shivling?

yes there is a shivling in makka madina coz shiv is the only 1 who started the universe, & Hinduism is the only oldest religion, the only thing is that we did not do the proper marketing for Hindu religion. and its scientifically proved ...

Where is Shiv in Makka Madina in Hindi?

It is "katva log chupa diye hai" in Hindi.

What is the age of prophet Mohammad when they goes from makka to madina?

What? Its Mecca to Medina. Grammar, buddy.

What is the journey of Prophet Muhammad from Makka to Madina called?

In Arabic Hijrat, in English Migration

What was the event on which the Islamic calendar is based?

The migration of the Muslims from Makka Mukarma to Madina Munawara.

What cities are considered holy for the religion of Islam?

Makka Mukarrama, Madina Munawra and Jerusalem.

How can Lord Shiv get out from Makka?

If any Hindu pours the holy water called Ganga Jal on the shiv ling placed at Makka Madina, then Lord Shiva will get escape from there.

Photos of lord shiva in makka madina?

It is wrong. Who told that lord krishna in mecca madina mosque. It is totally wrong. There is no lord krishna in mecca madina. Please don't spread like this humors. Ok. Thank you.

Is lord shankar prison in makka or madina?

Lord Shanker is a Hindu lord. Makka Mukarma and Madina Munawra are the most sacred places for the Muslims. The entry of any Non-Muslim is completely banned in and arround these two cities. No shanker or his prison exists in these two sacred cities.

Shivling in the makka madina gets the pious ganga jal then whole Muslims get finished?

it's 100% true

From what two cities did the religion Islam spread?

The most sacred two cities of Islam are Makka and Madina Munawara.

Where did Islam begin current location?

The last Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was born in Makka. He preached Islam in Makka and Madina. THe cities are now located in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.