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Salutary neglect

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Q: What is the English government's hands-off policy toward the colonies in the first half of the 1700s?
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Who controlled the land policy in the English colonies?

Micheal Forn

Body that set policy for all English colonies?

Privy Council :)

What branch of English government was the most involved in setting English government policy in North American colonies?

Board of Trade

How did english ideas about government and the economy influence life in the 13 colonies in the 1700s?

policy of mercantilism

What was the policy of acquiring colonies?

Imperialism, the policy of acquiring colonies

What was englands economic policy towards the colonies where the colonies provided raw materials to England who manufactured goods to be sold back to the colonies?

The English economic policy toward the colonies was called mercantilism. Mercantilism basically states that the colonies exist for the good of the mother country and have no rights except what the mother country grants. This policy was not workable because of the great distance between England and the New World. The great distance forced the colonists to create their own government, and create their own rights, legal system, etc.

How did Britain apply the policy of mercantilism to its American colonies?

Britain applied for the policy of mercantilism to its American colonies through the Navigation Acts. It led to inflation and alienation in the colonies.

What is governments action in response to an issue?

public policy

When the governments raise or lowers taxes it is one form of?


What area of public policy lies exclusively with state and local governments?

Education Policy

What king when he came to power marked a major shift in British policy toward its American colonies?

the restoration of King Charles the Second after the English revolution.

Which statement BEST describes an effect of the British policy of salutary neglect?

The British policy of salutary neglect helped to relax the trade laws that were strictly imposed on the American Colonies. This was made so that they could focus more on European politics.