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Masamune is almost certainly the romaji rendering of a name, probably 正宗 which is a compound of "righteous" and "essence, religion, sect." I guess this because I know there is a manga artist with this name which must be why you ask. Strictly speaking, unless you know the kanji used the meaning is uncertain. Names are just that, anyway.

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Q: What is the English meaning of the romaji word masamune?
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How do you spell legendary in Japanese but with English letters?

To spell a Japanese word with English letters is called Romaji. The word legendary in Romaji is: denkiteki.

What is the English meaning of Japanese word shin ju which is written in Romaji?

shin ju means to make love and/ or anal sex

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Volcano in Japanese is 火山. These are kanji symbols meaning: 火-fire and 山-mountain. In romaji form the word is Kazan.

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Lava in Romaji Japanese can be:Kazangan - meaning volcanic rock or lava. It is pronounced: Kah - zahn - gahnor:Yougan - meaning lava sack/lava.

What is the Japanese word meaning song?

The romaji for it is "uta". (うた/歌)

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カメレオン (Kanji)Kamereon (Romaji)

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I believe the Japanese word is キャスト (kya-su-to) which is Cast is English. If this does not work with your text from which you got the romaji or the sentence does not make sense then perhaps you misspelled the romaji. Remember that lines over vowels makes longer vowels, which can change a words meaning entirely.

What is the word sweetness in Japanese written in English letters?

It's called 'Romanization' when a Japanese word is written in English letters, and the word is called Romaji. So the romaji for 'sweetness' is 'amasa' and 'amami' means 'sugary/sweet flavor, sweetness'.

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Romaji: Kata Kana: かた Kanji: 肩

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The Romaji :Sukūtā (Soo-koo-taah)The Katakana: スクーター

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'Sadistic' in Japanese [Katakana] is: サディスティック In Romaji (English Pronuniation), this reads: Sadesuteku

What does tomodara mean?

According to both a Japanese to English dictionary and a Romaji to English website (which I know to be extremely accurate), it's not a Japanese term. The website said "not found", and the closest word in the dictionary was "tomodachi", meaning pal or friend in the reference meaning, as in, "Hey, pal." or "Hello, friends."