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Q: What is the English term of pepe?
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What is 'acini di pepe' when translated from Italian to English?

Acini di pepe in Italian means "peppercorns" in English.

Who is English premiership best keeper?

Pepe Reina

What is the Samoan translation for the English word 'baby'?


What does 'pepe' mean in french?

Pepe, or pépé, is a colloquial term for grandfather, generally only used in informal settings.

What does the Spanish name Pepe mean in English?

Pepe is a nickname given to men called José (Joseph in English) It comes from medieval paintings that labelled Joseph (father of Jesus) as P.P. (pater putativus = supposed father) -- when you pronounce P.P. in Spanish it comes out "Pepe".

What is 'pepper' when translated from English to Italian?

pepe (e sounds like A as in hay)

Why is diode is important in application?

it is pepe it is pepe it is pepe

What is the English term of the Tagalog term asa?

English term of asa: depend

What nicknames does Pepe Trevor go by?

Pepe Trevor goes by Pepe.

What does pepe mean in Hawaiian?

Aloha. Answer: In English this is flat and/or meshed (like a door mat).

What is the English term of papaya?

English term of papaya: papaya

What is the English term of patani?

the english term of patani is ""waxguard""

What is the English term of namamayani?

The english term for namamayani is predominant.

What is the English term of BUKANA?

English term of bukana: front

What nicknames does Pepe Mujica go by?

Pepe Mujica goes by El Pepe.

How do you translate the Visayan term of 'malunggay' into English?

Its English term is horseradish.

What is the birth name of Nico Pepe?

Nico Pepe's birth name is Pepe, Domenico.

What is the birth name of Phil Pepe?

Phil Pepe's birth name is Philip Pepe.

What is the English term for ako?

the term is "me"

What is pepe?

Pepe from the muppets is a king prawn

Pepe meaning in Samoa?


What is the birth name of Pepe Landeros?

Pepe Landeros's birth name is Pepe Jose Landeros.

What is an English term for a gay man?

"gay man" is the best English term there is.

What is the English term for Filipino word bantayan?

English term for bantayan: guard

What is the Italian translation of the English word 'black pepper'?

Pepe nero is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "black pepper".Specifically, the masculine noun pepe means "pepper". The masculine adjective nero translates as "black". The pronunciation will be "PEY-pey NEY-roh" in Italian.