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The Spanish word sendero is translated as path in English.

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Q: What is the English translation of Spanish sendero?
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What does path mean in spanish?

It is "sendero".

What is 'sendero' when translated from Spanish to Italian?

Sentiero is an Italian equivalent of the Spanish word sendero. The masculine singular noun translates into English as "path," "track" or "trail" according to context. The respective pronunciations will be "sen-TYEH-ro" in Italian and "sen-DEH-ro" in Spanish.

What does Sendero mean in English?

Path or track (As in "Sendero Luminoso," the "Shining Path")

What is the translation of chalino in spanish to English?

The translation of "chalino" in Spanish to English is "bullet."

How do you say 'path' in spanish?

Caminillo, sendero, senda, vereda

What is the translation for Rosie in Spanish?

Rosie is the same in Spanish as in English, but the Latin translation is Rose

Where can one get a free translation of English to Spanish?

If someone wishes to get a free translation of English to Spanish there are a variety of different websites where one can do so. Some of these are; Free Translation, Bing Translation and Translation 2.

What is the translation of the Spanish word 'callejero' into English?

The translation of the Spanish word "callejero or callejera" is an adjective in the Spanish language that translates into the English word to mean "street".

What is the Spanish translation for peer review?

The translation from English to Spanish is revisión por pares.

What are the best online Spanish to English translators?

Spanish Dictionary, Google Translate, Translation Babylon, Free Translation, Free Translator, Translation Langenberg and My Spanish Dictionary all offer free Spanish to English Translation as well as several other languages.

What is el in Spanish?

The translation of the Spanish word "el" in English is "the".

What is the English translation for school?

Escuela in Spanish, school in English.