What is the English translation of the Italian phrase 'Amo la mia famiglia e gli amici e Gesù'?

"I love my family and friends and Jesus" is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase Amo la mia famiglia e gli amici e Gesù.

Specifically, the present indicative verb amo is "(I) am loving, do love, love." The feminine singular definite article la means "the." The feminine possessive adjective mia means "my." The feminine noun famiglia means "family." The conjunction e means "and." The masculine plural definite article gli means "the." The masculine noun amici means "friends (either all male or mixed female and male)." The masculine proper noun Gesù translates as "Jesus (of Nazareth, 7? B.C. - 33? A.D.).

The pronunciation will be "A-mo la MEE-a fa-MEE-lya ey lyee a-MEE-tchee ey djey-ZOO" in Italian.