What is the English translation of the Italian phrase 'Che c'è una risposta'?

"That there's an answer" is one English equivalent of the Italian phrase Che c'è una risposta.

Specifically, the conjunction che is literally "that" and loosely "definitely, yes" according to context. The demonstrative pronoun ce* means "it, that, this" depending upon context. The present indicative verb è means "(he/it/one/she) is" or "(formal singular you) are" according to context. The word una means "a, an" as a feminine singular definite article and "one" as the feminine form of a number. The feminine noun risposta translates as "answer, reply, response."

The pronunciation will be "key** tchey** OO-na ree-SPO-sta" in Italian.

*The vowel drops -- and is replaced by an apostrophe -- before a verb whose spelling begins with a vowel.

**The sound is similar to that in the English exclamation "Hey!"