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What is the FRG?


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"FRG" was an abbreviation sometimes used for "Federal Republic of Germany" when Germany was divided into two states. The FRG was West Germany and was contrasted with the "GDR" - German Democratic Republic (East Germany) which no longer has any separate existence. Joncey

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FRG leaders must have general goals to accomplish within the FRG, including:Understand the unit commander's readiness goals.Create or improve the FRG (see Chapter 3).Convey the commander's goals to soldiers and families.Gain FRG members' support; let members know how they can help meet the goals.Identify and recruit other leaders to chair committees.Organize and plan for successful FRG events with the help of committeechairpersons.Train every member to know what to do (see Chapter 4).Encourage families and soldiers to talk, work, and play together.Actively promote diversity.Work through others to get tasks done.Monitor leadership actions of key leaders.Assess progress toward readiness goals periodically.Change course when needed.Praise people publicly and often.Interact effectively with the commander and steering committee.Anything NOT a goal would fall outside of these 16 points.

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Germany = Deutchland until 1947 when split into DDR (E Germany) and FRG (W Germany). Not sure if that's what you mean.

Machael Gross and he was the albatross not the condor also he was NOT East Germany, rather he represented the FRG, or West Germany.

Men's single Miloslav Mecir (TCH) Woman's single Steffi Graf (FRG) ref http://www.itftennis.com/olympics/history/medallists/

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