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The Fijian word for ginger used in cooking is beta

The botanical name is Zingiber zerumbet or Z. spairium (Scitaminaceae) S.

This ginger used as a spice in cooking is an herb with a tuberous root. It is a perennial, but has an annual stalk, heads of flowers, and thick leaves.


The Fijian word for wild ginger used in medicine is dalaheka

The botanical name is Zinziber zerumbet (Scitamineae)

This wild ginger is used as a medicine in Nadronga. Dalaheka is the Nadronga name and leyaleya or cangolaya that of the Bua province; it is known as the drove on the Cakaudrove coast.

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Q: What is the Fijian word for ginger spice?
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