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With is translated "avec" in French. Although there is no abbreviation of the word, people writing text messages may spell it 'ac'.
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What is an abbreviation?

Abbreviation An abbreviation is a way to shorten a word to save space. For example Ave. stands for Avenue and Apt. stands for apartment. An abbreviation (from Latin brevis "short") is a shorter form of a word . More particularly, an abbreviation is a letter or group of letters, taken from ( Full Answer )

What is the French abbreviation for Mister?

Answer . The French for Mister is Monsieur. It is generally written out in full, unless it is used as with a job, rank or title, in which case it is often abbreviated as M. - for example, M. le Directeur, M. le Colonel .

What is the abbreviation for mister in French?

The French equivalent of mister is monsieur , which is abbreviated M. (including a period).. Note: The abbreviations Mme (madame) and Mlle (mademoiselle) do not use periods because they end with the final letters of the full words. However, M. does use a period since it does not end with r, th ( Full Answer )

What is abbreviation?

It is the shortened or contracted form of a word, a reduction inlength and/or the act or result of abbreviating

What is the abbreviation for that is?

If you mean the conjunction , it's "that's." "That is" can also be abbreviated as "i.e." which is "id est" in Latin.

What is 'as per' an abbreviation for?

As per is part of a phrase, the rest of which is sometimes left out by people who don't know any better. It usually refers to regulation. As per the Fire Code, for example, should be As per the stipulations of the Fire Code.

What is the abbreviation for additional?

There are several abbreviations for additional. The most commonabbreviation is addt'l. Additional is also written as add. oradd'l.

What is the abbreviation of Acknowledge?

AK, but this one could be use used for many other abbreviations. for more info, please go to http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/acknowledgment

What is the abbreviation FOR?

There is no abbrevation for for. There is a FOR loop which is a programming language statement that allows code to be repeated. *.for is a filename extension for FORTRAN, a computer programming language.

What is am an abbreviation of?

"Am" is not an abbreviation. It is a conjugation of the verb "tobe". AM (as in radio) is an abbreviation for "amplitude modulation." a.m. (as in time of day) is an abbreviation for ante meridiem , literally "before noon."

What are abbreviations?

Abbreviations are short forms of a full word. Some examples are: Post Office P.O. doctor dr. bachelor of science B.S. avenue ave. mister Mr.

What is the abbreviation for female doctor in French?

In French, the word doctor ('docteur', masc.) is abbreviated 'dr'. The feminine transposition of 'docteur', rarely used is 'doctoresse' but it has no abbreviation on its own. Most female doctors just call themselves 'le docteur'.

Abbreviation for you will?

\n"You will" can be contracted to "you'll," but it is a contraction as opposed to an abbreviation.

What are the abbreviations of the months of the year in french?

janv - (Janvier) > (January) févr - (Février)> (Febuary) mars - (Mars) > (March) Avril - (Avril) > (April) mai - (Mai) > (May) juin - (Juin) >(June) juil - (Juillet) > (July) août - (Août) > (August) sept - (Septembre) > (September) oct - (Octobre) > (October) nov - ( ( Full Answer )

What is the French abbreviation for messieurs?

The plural of Messieurs in English is Messrs . (example: Mr. X, Mr. Y and Mr. Z = Messrs X, Y and Z.. The plural of Messieurs in French is MM . (example: M. X, M. Y et M. Z = MM X, Y et Z.

The meanning of the abbreviation ant. in french?

the abbreviation 'ant.' does not seem to be much in use according to the few occurences found in Google .fr. The one I would agree with is 'antonyme' (contrary, antonym), hence the abbreviation 'ant.' that you can find in dictionaries.

What is the french abbreviation Ms?

An unmarried woman/Ms., or mademoiselle , is abbreviated as "Mlle". A married woman/Mrs., or madame , is abbreviated as "Mme".

Abbreviated Days of the week French translations?

lundi - lu. mardi - Ma. mercredi - Me. jeudi - jeu. vendredi - vend. samedi - sam. dimanche - dim. Although this is (in my opinion) the commonest abbreviations, you may find other writings (L Ma Me J V S D / lun mar mer jeu ven sam dim / ...)

What is the French abbreviation for January?

January is spelled 'janvier' in French. This is abbreviated 'Jan.' January is spelled 'janvier' in French. This is abbreviated 'Jan.' or 'janv.'

How do you abbreviate who has?

whose that answer is incorrect. The abbr. or contraction for who has is who's, and it is also the abb. for who is ( who's) Who has (who's) Who is (who's) whose is possesive, or shows ownership, e.g., whose jacket was stolen? Whose car is this?

What does the French Abbreviation CHU mean?

CHU means "Centre Hospitalier Universitaire". This is an hospital, usually quite large, which is also used for the training of medical doctors. . OR it can be extremely slang for Je suis (I am) because eventually shortened it becomes something like J'su or... chu!

What is the abbreviation for avenues?

Seriously? You should know this but ill tell you anyways just to help Avenue Ave. - abbreviation Hope this helps! Remember, dont forget to Learn!

What is the abbreviation of intersection?

intersection. As the circumstances require, this may be (a) a point on the surface of the earth over which two or more position lines intersect. The position lines may be true bearings from non-directional beacons (NDB) (magnetic bearings shown on charts for pilot usage); radials from VHF/UHF NAV ( Full Answer )

What is IT an abbreviation for?

IT is an abbreviation for the words Information Technology. It can also be semi shortened to info tech , information tech or info technology. Information technology is usually something to do with computers. hope this helps... =D

What is the abbreviation of 'you are'?

The contraction of "you are" is you're . An abbreviation is a shortened form often followed by a period. A contraction follows a spoken form of a word pair by omitting one or more letters (e.g. you've, he's, won't ).

Is GIF an abbreviation?

yes, it stands for Graphic Interchange Format. The files in the gif format have the .gif extension.

How do you abbreviate kilograms?

The abbreviation for kilograms is just kg although a lot ofwriters use kgs but this is unnecessary.but thanks for asking owait this is ask.com hahahaHA.

What is the abbreviation of am?

Anti Meridian - for times after midnight and before noon. . Amplitude Modulation - signal processing and radio transmission (AM radio).

What is abbreviation for it has?

It's , and this is not an abbreviation , it is a contraction . This is also the contraction for it is .

What is the abbreviation for there are?

There are does not have an accepted contracted form. Many people use there're to shorten this phrase, but this contraction is incorrect (not to mention very difficult to pronounce).

What is the abbreviation for pounds in French?

There is no abbreviation of pounds in French because pounds simply don't exist. However, the closest translation, for the measure as well as for the money, is 'livre

How do you abbreviate what has?

"what's" the context determines how the apostrophe is interpreted. Examples: What's the going price for apples? (What is) What's Bob been doing lately. (What has)

What is a abbreviations?

An abbreviation is a shortened version of a word. Example: MBA = Masters in Business Administration. MBA is an abbreviation. Isn't and aren't are contractions but could technically be called abbreviations because the apostrophes replace one or two letters. " Assoc. " is an abbreviation fo ( Full Answer )

What is an abbreviator?

In its simplest form, an abbreviator can simply refer to a person who abbreviates. It also refers to one of a college of 72 officers of the pope's court whose job it is to give a synopsis of a petition, before expanding it into an official form.

How do you abbreviate what will?

What Will abbreviated is "What'll" ! Example Sentence is in order:"What'll Dinie Slothouber do without her love, Mitch Longley"?