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What is the GDP of France?

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The GDP of France is $1.891trillion

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Q: What is the GDP of France?
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What is the main income in France?

The GDP per capita of France is € 28,722

What GDP per capita of France?


Is France richer than USA?

No in neither GDP or GDP per capital, they do have better wine though

What is the per capita GDP of France?

2 million

What is France's GDP per capita?

The GDP per capita of France in 2009 was $33,679. It is comparable to Finland and Germany.

Is France one of the richest country?

Yes. France has the fifth largest GDP of any country (second largest in Europe) and the eighteenth largest GDP per capita of any country (eleventh largest in Europe).

What is Germany's per capita GDP?

Germany as of 2009 has the 20th highest GDP per capita in the world at $34,212 it is comparable to The United Kingdom and France.

What is the Per Capita Income in France?

The per capita GDP was estimated at $25,700.

Is France a rich or a poor country and why?

France is the sixth economy in the world. It is a developed country, and a rich one if you are judging by its GDP.

What is the top 5 European countries in GDP?

england germenay france italy and spain

Which countries have the highest GDP?

Top 5 Global Countries With The Highest Nominal GDP are: 1) United States, 2)Japan, 3)China, 4)Germany, 5)France. .

What are the world's richest countries?

The richest countries by GDP are:United StatesChinaJapanGermanyFrance

Is France a rich country or a poor country?

France is a rich country. It has the 5th largest economy in the world. The GDP per capita of France is also one of the highest in the world (about the 21st or 22nd highest).

How do you calculate nominal GDP at market price?

Nominal GDP is GDP evaluated at current market prices. Therefore , nominal GDP wil include of the changes in market prices that have occurred during the current year due to inflation or deflation. Nominal GDP= GDP deflator.real GDP/100 Real GDP is GDP evaluate at the market price of some base year. GDP deflator --- Using the statistics on real GDP and nominal GDP, one can calculate an implecit index of the price level for the year. This index is called GDP deflator. GDP deflator = nominal GDP/real GDP .100 The GDP deflator can be viewed as a conversion factor that transform real GDP into nominal GDP. Note that in the base year, real GDP is by definition equal to nominal GDP so that the GDP deflator in the base year equal to 100.

France GDP growth rate?

Dude, that's an ever changing variable. What I say now is differentfrom tomorrow's answer.

What are the 5 countries with the highest overall GDP?

from 1-5 it is the United States, China, Japan, Germany and France

What is the top ten poorest countries in Southeast Asia GDP?

TOP ELEVEN COUNTRIES IN SOUTH EAST ASIA BY GDP(GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT ) East Timor (GDP 499 ) Laos (GDP 5,260 ) Cambodia (GDP 11,182 ) Myanmar (GDP 27,182 ) Vietnam (GDP 89,829 ) Philippine (GDP 168,580 ) Hong kong (GDP 215,559 ) Malaysia (GDP 222,219 ) Thailand (GDP 273,248) Taiwan (GDP 392,552 ) Indonesia (GDP 511,765)

How do you calculate GDP deflater?

GDP Deflator = Nominal GDP/Real GDP x 100.

How do you calculate deflation rate?

Real GDP is the GDP during your chosen base year, and nominal GDP is the GDP of the year on which you are focusing. The GDP deflator from 1990 to now (2013) is: GDP (2013)/ GDP (1990) * 100%

What type of industry does france have?

France is one of the most industrialized countries in Europe. It gets its most GDP contribution from the manufacturing industry, mining, Financial services, Insurance and tourism.

Explain real GDP vs potential GDP?

Potential GDP is the total numerical value of GDP before inflation is counted in. Real GDP is nominal GDP adjusted for inflation

How do you calculate percent change in normal GDP?

It is 100*(New GDP - Old GDP)/Old GDP

The top ten richest country?

World's Top Ten Richest Countries by GDP The Richest Country by GDP is the US with an annual GDP of $14.8 trillion. # United States of America. GDP = $14,839bn, GDP per head = $48,400, PPP = $48,400 # Japan. GDP = $5,388bn, GDP per head = $42,310, PPP = $35,710 # China. GDP = $4,818bn, GDP per head = $3,600, PPP = $6,830 # Germany. GDP = $3,440bn, GDP per head = $41,550, PPP = $36,100 # France. GDP = $2,734bn, GDP per head = $43,910, PPP = $35,750 # United Kingdom. GDP = $2,442bn, GDP per head = $39,470, PPP = $36,820 # Italy. GDP = $2,334bn, GDP per head = $40,150, PPP = $32,210 # Russia. GDP = $1,680bn, GDP per head = $11,880, PPP = $16,300 # Spain. GDP = $1,581bn, GDP per head = $34,540, PPP = $32,120 # Canada. GDP = $1,468bn, GDP per head = $43,860, PPP = $40,540 Source: Economist Intelligence Unit, The World in 2009. World's Top Ten Richest Countries by PPP It is clear from the above figures that the world's richest countries by GDP may not be the same when adjusted for PPP. The GDP per head in PPP (USA = 100), 2006, looks like this:# Luxembourg 172 # Qatar 160.8 # Bermuda 159.0 # Channel Islands 117.9 # Norway 113.9 # Brunei 113.5 # Singapore 101.7 # = Macau 100, USA 100 # Cayman Islands 99.6 # Kuwait 99.1

What is the percentage of primary secondary and tertiary jobs in France?

Primary 6% Secondary 30% Tertiary 64% GDP 111%

How to calculate the percentage change in real GDP?

[ (GDP 2006 - GDP 2005) / GDP 2005] X 100 ---- ----