What is the Gaelic for 'Boy'?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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In Irish: gasúr; buachaill; (over 15 yrs.) stócach

In Scots Gaelic: balach; gille

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Q: What is the Gaelic for 'Boy'?
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Is gasun Gaelic for boy?

The words garsún and gasúr are the Irish Gaelic words.

What is the Scottish Gaelic for 'boy'?

balaich (boys) gillean (boys, lads)

What are the Irish Gaelic word for boy's?

an ghasúir / an bhuachalla

What is the Scots Gaelic word for bad?

In Irish it would be buachaill dána (a 'bold' boy).In Scottish Gaelic, balach dàna (verify)

What does maewyn succat mean in Gaelic?

Maewyn Succat is not Gaelic. It was the name of the boy that later became St. Patrick.

What does bhuachaill mean in English?

Bhuachaill is Gaelic for 'lad' or 'boy'.

What does 'gilile' mean in Scottish Gaelic?

On the assumption you mean gille it means 'lad, boy'.

Is Brion a name?

Yes, Brion is a name of Irish and Gaelic origin, typically meaning "noble" or "strong." It is commonly used as a boy's name.

What does the name Darren mean for a boy?

Darren comes from the Celtic/Gaelic name meaning "great".

Hot Irish guy in Gaelic?

Translating it literally it's: Mac teBut, that may sound a little odd, as a person speaking Gaelic will take it as there is either a boy on fire or that you can feel that he is hot.So the best thing to say is: Buachaill dathúil (Handsome boy)

What is 'boy' in Scottish Gaelic?

My mother is looking for a name for her new house and as she has 6 of us all boys she wants to name it 'house of boys' or 'house of the boys' .cheersHouse of boys is Taigh nam balach.

What is shannon?

It is of Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Shannon is "old, ancient" is is both a boy and girl name and that of a river.