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What is the Gaelic phrase for saved by grace?


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Sabhailte ag grasta


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saved by the grace of god

trĂ­ dheonĂș DĂ© = by the grace of God. (Irish Gaelic). Scottish Gaelic: ?

In Irish it's "slĂĄnaithe"

Scots Gaelic: FĂ ilte Irish Gaelic: FĂĄilte

Yes indeed grace is very important . Because we as christians are saved by grace and grace alone. It is not by our own deeds or by our own strength are we saved.

It means that with grace we are saved.

The bible says you are saved by grace , and not by your great deeds.

Please specify Irish Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic: they are two separate languages.

In Irish (Gaelic) it is "leathcheann". In (Scottish) Gaelic: ?

sĂĄbhĂĄilte i dtaisce (saved money etc.)

"Gaelic" can mean "Irish Gaelic' or "Scottish Gaelic". They are classified as two distinct languages.

In Irish it's "grĂĄsta"

In Irish: do dhearthĂĄir In Scottish Gaelic: do bhrĂ thair

mo mhuirnĂ­n =my beloved, in IrishGaelic

The phrase "c'est Grace" is grammatically correct if Grace is a person. If 'grace (à) ' is used int the sense of thanks (to), then it lacks a complement.

The cast of Saved by Grace - 2003 includes: Chidi Mokeme Benita Nzeribe

It doesn't appear to be Scottish Gaelic.

In Irish:Ach grĂĄsta DĂ© (but for the grace of God)TrĂ­ dheonĂș DĂ© ( by the grace of God.)

Yes Jesus said you are saved by grace and not by great deeds.

There is no such thing as salvation by works, only salvation through grace.

Scottish Gaelic: mo ghaol [Pronounced: muh ghool] Irish Gaelic: mo ghrĂĄ

"X is ainm dom" [--- iss annim dhum] in Irish Gaelic;

it means you have givin your heart to jesus . you are saved by the grace of god.

servo per venia.

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