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What is Gaelic translation for English phrase one of a pair?

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In Irish (Gaelic) it is "leathcheann".

In (Scottish) Gaelic: ?

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What is 'par de factores' when translated from Spanish to English?

"Factor pair" is an English equivalent of the Spanish phrase par de factores. The pronunciation of the masculine phrase -- which translates literlly as "pair of factors" -- will be "par they fak-TO-reyss" in Spanish.

What is the direct English translation of 'pereja'?

Basically the main English translation of 'pareja' is a couple. How ever there are few more meaning like partner, mate, date, brace, twosome and pair.

What is the English translation of the French phrase 'le père de ma fille'?

"My daughter's father" is an English equivalent of the French phrase le père de ma fille.Specifically, the masculine singular definite article le is "the". The masculine noun père means "father". The preposition de means "of". The feminine possessive adjective ma means "my". The feminine noun filletranslates as "daughter" in this context.The pronunciation will be "luh pair* duh ma fee" in French.*The sound is similar to that in the English noun "pair".

What is the translation of the word gemelas?

In Spanish, gemelas, means flowers exhaling the odors of orange and jasmine. It could also mean twins, or a pair of binoculars. So the translation to English is twins.

What is Tagalog of unpredictable pair?

Tagalog translation of UNPREDICTABLE PAIR: di akalaing pares

What is 'un collant' when translated from French to English?

"A pair of tights" as a noun and "a clingy person" as a pronoun are English equivalents of the French phrase un collant. Either way, the pronunciation of the masculine singular phrase will be "eh ko-law" in French.

Romeo and Juliet is a play about a pair of what?

A pair of young lovers. It really is a great play. The old language keeps many people from understanding it. Get a translation into modern English and check it out. Hint- her Daddy does not like her boyfriend.

What is 'par de' when translated from Portuguese to English?

"Pair of" is a literal English equivalent of the Portuguese phrase par de. The pronunciation will be "pah djee" in Cariocan Brazilian and continental Portuguese.

What is the Latin translation for the word utmost secrecy in Latin?

"Maxima," meaning greatest/largest/most and "clandestinitas" seem like a likely pair of words. ("Maxima clandestinitas" being the phrase as a whole).

Pair up in threes?

This is a phrase that Yogi Berra said

Who to say percussion in spanish?

Translation: Percusión (pronounced pair-coo-seeYON)

What are trousers?

The English name for a pair of pants.

What is pairs in French?

The English "a pair" (two objects together) is "une paire" (fem.) in French. The French word "pair" is translated "peer" in English.

What does the phrase ignis artis aeturnus mean?

Ignis and aeturnus are both in the nom. sing. so pair 'em up. which leaves artis in the gen. "The eternal fire of art" is what I came up with but that's probably very translation-ese.

A rhyming word pair for angry employer?

There is a word pair which rhymes with an angry employer. The two word phrase would be, cross boss.

Where can you find a translator?

Well, there are at least 2 ways you can try.The first one is to find freelance translators on platforms such as ProZ, Translator Café, etc.The second way is to find a translation agency. You can search on google with the keywords "[Language pair] + translation agency]". For instance "English to Vietnamese Translation Agency", you will find a lot of language providers (GTE Localize for example).

Word pair prim and?

A famous word pair is prim and proper. This phrase means that an individual acts in a very formal manner that is thought to be correct in every way.

What can a phrase can never be?

A complete sentence.A phrase can never stand on its own as a complete sentence, as it does not contain a subject and predicate pair It is missing either one component or the other.

If you have a pair can you double up twice in Blackjack?

The correct phrase is "double down", and no you cannot double down on a pair. You can "split" a pair, and it depends on the casino as to how many times you can do it. Most casinos will let you split up to four times.

What is the other half of the word pair far and?

Near. The phrase is more commonly known as 'near and far'.

Which phrase best defines a trapezoid?

It is a 4 sided quadrilateral with a pair of parallel sides of different lengths

What is a scapula?

scapula in English is shoulder blade. there are one pair of scapulas

Pair of words in English language?

You are gonna have to be a bit more specific.

What is bond pair?

two electrons that from a bond as opposed to two electrons that are lone - giving the phrase lone pair. So on the molecule NH3 there are 3 bond pairs of electrons on the N-H bonds and one lone pair of electrons on the nitrogen.

What is a paralleogram with one pair of parallel angles?

I have never come across the phrase "parallel angles". Please elaborate.

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