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what is the general liability class code for distaster restoration services

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Q: What is the General Liability Class Code for disaster restoration company?
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Who is wendell strutz?

There is a partner in a Limited Liability Company out of Plymouth, Wisconsin named Wendell Strutz. His company specializes in real estate investment and restoration of historic buildings.

Is general reserve fund placed in asset side in a balance sheet?

General reserves are part of profit of the company for usable in future so it is the liability of company and shown in liability side of balance sheet.

Can general insurance be backdated?

can a contractor have liability insurance backdated to show the company was insured

What type of insurance does an elevator maintenance company need?

You Need General Liability Insurance.

How many limited liability partnerships compare with general partnerships?

The main difference between limited liability partnership and general partnerships is limited liability. Partners of an general partnerships are liable for all debts accumulated. Partners of an limited liability partnership are enjoying limited personal liability protection. However many people may prefer to incorporate Limited Liability Company instead of an limited liability partnership.

What is the difference between employers' liability insurance and public liability insurance?

The difference between employers liability and public liability are simple. Employer liability insurance covers only claims made by the employees against the company. Public liability covers claims against the company by the general public as well as third parties claims.

What is the best company to go with when looking for general liability insurance?

General Liability insurance can be purchased through some reputable companies such as Nationwide Insurance, Geico Insurance, EInsurance and All State.

Is tenant's legal liability coverage the same as Commercial general liability insurance?

NO Totally seperate policies, tenant legal liability can be added to bops, general liability can be found within a bop policy, but they are different coverages. Work with your broker to understand what insurance coverages your company needs and why.

What is Sino-Foreign Joint Stock Limited Liability Company?

"Sino" - in general is stand for "China"

Would a general liability Insurer cancel a policy after an audit upon finding out the company did not report all employees?

It would depend on how the policy was written as to whether or not a general liability insurer would cancel a policy after an audit where they found out that the company did not report all employees.

What is the average cost for general liability and automobile liability insurance for a mass transit company?

There are too many variables, you will need to contact an agent or agents and get quotes.

What are the main rules used by contractors general liability insurance?

Contractors general liability insurance is based on one of two things, total receipts or payroll and cost of subcontractors. Contractors general liability insurance covers a company if their employees get hurt on the job or cause damage to a property while working.