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children's literature

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Q: What is the Genre of the Two Frogs?
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What genre and culture is the two frogs?

Its a Japanese folklore story and its culture obviously Japan.

How many pages does Two Frogs have?

Two Frogs has 32 pages.

What is the ISBN of Two Frogs?

The ISBN of Two Frogs is 978-0224064743.

Why do frogs make noises when two frogs are together?

They're frogs.

When was Two Frogs created?

Two Frogs was created on 2003-01-02.

Do frogs have two-chamberd hearts?

frogs have a 3 chamberd heart.

Why do frogs have 2 lives?

Frogs are said to have " two lives" because of their metamorphosis

How many syllables are in the word genre?

The word genre has two syllables. Gen-re.

What is the genre and culture of the twenty two goblins?

the genre is a folklore series, and it comes from India.

What culture is the two frogs?


Define romance as a genre?

Romance is a genre that involves two characters overcoming their conflicts with love.

What is the culture and genre of the twenty-two goblins book?

the genre is a folklore series, and it comes from India.