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In Standard High German it's ich hab dich gern and means I like you.

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Q: What is the German phrase 'i hab di gern'?
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What does the German words dunun di punta mean?

The phrase is not German.

How do you say thank you in Austrian?

In Austria they speak German, so 'thank you' is 'Danke' (pronounced DANK - uh). To say 'thank you very much' you need to say 'Danke Schon' (there are two dots side by side over the 'o' called an 'umlaut'). This is pronounced 'DANK - uh - Shern'. Austrian is not a language.The official language of Austria is German.The German for "Thank you" is "Danke"... "Thank you very much" is "vielen Dank"

How do you say we all love you in Australian?

you can say i love you in Austrian by saying "I hab di gean"

What is the answer to the Italian phrase di dove sei?

The phrase "di dove sei?" translates to "Where are you from?" in English.

What does DI mean in German when written after someone's name?

The German abbreviation DI stands for Diplom Ingenieur which translates as Master of Engineering.

What does the phrase 'articoli di giornale' mean when translated into English?

The phrase 'articoli di giornale' is an Italian phrase. When this Italian phase is translated into the English language, it simply means newspaper articles.

What does the Italian phrase articolo di giornale translate to in English?

The Italian phrase articolo di giornale translated to English means newspaper article. Articolo di giornale can also be referred and translated to magazine.

What is the Italian phrase 'di maggio' in English?

"Of May" is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase di maggio.Specifically, the preposition di means "in, of." The masculine noun maggio means "(the month of) May." The pronunciation is "dee MAHDJ-djyoh."

What is the English translation of the Italian phrase 'Di famiglia'?

"Family's" or "of family" are English equivalents of the incomplete Italian phrase Di famiglia.Specifically, the preposition di is "of". The feminine noun famiglia means "family". The pronunciation will be "fah-MEE-lyah" in Italian.

How Di you say mushrooom in German?

mushroom = Pilz

Who was Ricordo Di Venezia?

This is a phrase, not a "who". It translates to "To remind you of Venice".

What is 'Di Risp' when translated from Italian to English?

Of savings is an English equivalent of 'di risp'. The Italian phrase is a shortened, abbreviated form of 'di risparmio'. The preposition 'di' means 'of'. The masculine noun 'risparmio' means 'saving'. The abbreviation is pronounced 'dee reesp'. The complete phrase is pronounced 'dee ree-SPAHR-mee-oh'.