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Q: What is the German word for search?
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What does the z in z4 mean?

According to what I search it come the word "Future" in German ( Zukunft)

What is the correct way to do a search to match an exact phrase like ''German measles''?

Most search engines will accept quotation marks around a phrase to denote that it is a phrase. So to a search engine, "German Measles" is one word.

Why do people say sic em when the want their dog to go after someone?

The word Sic is German, pronounced " sook" which means to seek or search. In German dog training it meant to search for a hidden suspect or victim.

What language did the word SEARCH come from?

This is quite an old word, relating back to the Celtic/Gothic word "sockjan" and the Old-German/Anglo-Saxon "suochan".

What German businessman began the search for Mycenae?

Heinrich Schlieman was the German busnessman who began to search for Mycenae.

What is the English equivalent for the word suchmaschinen optimierung?

The word "suchmaschinen optimierung" originates from the German vocabulary. When translated into English, "suchmaschinen optimierung" means search optimization.

Translate this German word - chre?

Chre is not a German word

What does suchmaschinen translate to in English?

The word "suchmaschinen" is a German term that refers to any sort of search function that allows a person to look for something on the web. It loosely translates to "search machine".

What is the German word for with?

"mit" is the German word for "with".

The word from in German?

The word FROM in German is von

What is the word for is in German?

The word for is in German - " ist "

What is the German word for he?

The German word for he is er.