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φλόγα (floga).

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Q: What is the Greek word for flame?
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What does flame mean in greek?

The word "flame" in Greek is "φλόγα" (flóga).

What is the Greek flame?

The Greek flame, or "eternal flame," refers to a symbol of continuity and resilience. It is often associated with ancient Greek mythology, where flames were kept burning as a tribute to the gods. Today, the Greek flame is sometimes used in ceremonies or memorials to represent a timeless connection to the past.

How do you say flame in other languages?

Flame in French is flamme. Flame in Spanish is la llama. Flame in Italian is fiamma. Flame is Greek is floga.

Why do we have a Olympic flame and what does it mean?

its a Greek symbol to represent Zeus and the flame that never went out

What is a base word for flammable?

The base word for flammable is "flame."

What is the alliteration for word flame?

Fanny furiously fanned the flame in an effort to get the fire going.

What does the olympic flame represent?

the olympic flame represents the death and the rebirth of greek heroeshope and endurance

What is the elvish word for flame in lord of the rings?

Runya is the word for flame in elvish.

What is the latin word for flame?

Flamma Flamma is one flame; flames = flammae

Who invented the ancient flame thrower?

Greek fire

Is the word flame a common noun?

The word 'flame' is both a verb and a noun.The noun 'flame' is a common noun, a general word for the hot glowing gas generated by combustion.

How do you say flame in greek?

φλόγες (floges).