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I believe you're looking for (either) Scylla or Charybdis, although, strictly, Scylla was/is a nymph.

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Q: What is the Greek word for sea witch?
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The Greek word for "Witch Craft" is "σκάφος μάγισσα".

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The Greek word for sea is Thalasa and ocean is Okeanos

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In the Greek, the word sea literally means sea, lake or body of water. It has no different meaning then the English.

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In Roman mythology Neptune (Greek: Poseidon) was the god of the Sea.

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The Greek word Mar means The sea!

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The Greek word for "marble" is "μάρμαρο (marmaro)". There is also an uninhabited Greek islet in the Libyan Sea called "Μάρμαρο (Marmaro)".

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