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that would be "adelfES" (the capitalized letter shows where the tone of the word goes. the letter "a" is pronounced just as in "absolute". the letter "e" is pronounced just as in "egg"

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The greek word for sister in modern greek is αδελφή (adelfee), αδερφή (aderfee) and θυγατέρα (theegatera). In ancient greek is θυγάτηρ (theegateer).

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Q: What is the Greek word for sister?
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How do you say sister in Greek?

The Greek word for "Sibling" is "αμφιθαλής αδελφός".

What does aderfoula mean?

Greek word meaning little sister

Which is the greek word having the meaninglove between brother and sister?


How do you say sister-in-law in Greek?

Its συνηφάδα (sinifada) but is rarely used.

What is the greek word for brother?

The Greek word for brother is aderfos (αδερφός) and for sister it is aderfi (αδερφή). You can say my brother: O aderfos mou or sister : H aderfi mou

What does your name Kayla mean?

i have a sister named kayla. it comes from the greek word katharos meaning pure.

What does adelphia mean in Greek?

adelphe/adelpheè = sister. (This is ΑΔΕΛΦΗ, in Greek) It is possible that the word is ΑΔΕΛΦΟΙ (noun, male, plural) = brothers, (because it sounds just the same).

How do you say say that sister in Greek?

ότι η αδελφή "that sister"

How to write sisters in greek?

, I know this because im i a group called sister in greek... it is "αδερφή" but that's not plural. Hope that helps.

Sister in greek language?


What does the greek word mim mean?

Mim translates to the English word paradise. Mim is used quite often as a name. Example: My sister Mim is a real beauty.

Who was the sister of Apollo in Greek mythology?

Artemis is the (older) twin sister of Apollo.