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Win as a noun is translated as νίκη [niki] (plural: νίκες [níkes]). The verb 'to win' is νικάω[nikáo].

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Q: What is the Greek word for win?
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What does the greek word epathlo mean in English?

prize. such as the one you win in athletics

What is greek word for win?

Original word is "Νίκη", which is transcribed as "Nike" in the old way or "Niki" in the new way. Pronounced like "NICK-ee"

Who would win in football the Aztecs or the greek gods?

Greek gods

What is the greek word for egg?

the greek word for egg is: avgo

What is the Greek word for experience?

The Greek word for experience is εμπειρία (empeiría).

Is there a word in Hebrew or greek that means God will win out in the end?

No, there is no single word in either language that means "God will win out in the end":Hebrew: אלוהים ינצח בסופו של דבר (Elohim yenatseach besofo shel hadavar).Greek: Ο Θεός θα κερδίσει στο τέλος (O Theós tha kerdísei sto télos)

What is the Greek word for golf?

There is no Greek word for golf. We use the word ''golf'' or in Greek letters ''Γκόλφ''.

What is the word for jeans in Greek?

There is no word for jeans in Greek. We use the word ''jeans'' or in Greek letters τζίνς.

What is the Greek word for turtle?

The greek word for animal is zodiac. The greek word for turtle is still unknown.

What does the word collo mean in Greek?

In Greek, the word "collo" does not have a specific meaning. It is not a Greek word.

Greek word for prosperity?

The Greek word for "prosperity" is ευημερία (evimería).

What is the Greek word fro psychology?

Psychology is a a Greek word. Greek : ψυχολογία