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What is the HCF and LCM of 200 and 175?

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200 = 23 x 52

175 = 52 x 7

hcf = 52 = 25

lcm = 23 x 52 x 7 = 1400

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LCM is 20 and the hcf is 10

The HCF is: 2The LCM is: 2,520

The LCM is: 900The HCF is: 10

HCF is 60 and the LCM is 360

They are: LCM = 120 and hcf = 8

The HCF = 20 The LCM = 600

The HCF is always a factor of the LCM of two numbers. The HCF is a factor of both the numbers which are factors of their LCM. Thus the HCF is also a factor of the LCM of the two numbers.

No.-------------------------------------------------------------To find the HCF and LCM of two (or more) numbers list the numbers in their prime factorisations in power format; then:HCF = product of the primes to the LOWEST power across all the numbers;LCM = product of the primes to the HIGHEST power across all the numbers.Note: for p being any prime, p⁰ = 1; so if a prime does not appear as a factor of a number, it can be said to have a power of 0. This means that the LOWEST power is 0 and the prime does not appear in the HCF of the numbers. The HIGHEST power of a prime must be at least the LOWEST power of a prime.Thus if a prime appears in the HCF of the numbers (with a power greater than or equal to 1) it MUST also appear in the LCM of the numbers.If the HCF of some numbers is 15, then: 15 = 3 × 5 which means that the primes 3 and 5 MUST both apear in the LCM.But 175 = 5² × 7, which does NOT include 3, so 175 CANNOT be the LCM of some numbers which have a HCF of 15.

No. The LCM MUST be a multiple of the HCF.

LCM = product/HCF so product = LCM/HCF in this case 380/16 which is 23.75, so the answer to your question is no.

HCF - Highest Common Factor. LCM - Lowest Common Multiple.

The LCM of 175 and 125 is 875

175% of 200= 175% * 200= 1.75 * 200= 350

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