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A scroll box is really a textarea.

Notice that there is a greyed-out scroll bar on the right. If you have enough text, the scroll bar becomes active. If you add style="overflow: hidden" to the text area, the scroll bar will disapear and only appear if your text "overflows". So the whole line will be:

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What kind of code is needed to add comment boxes to a website?

The kind of code that is needed to add comment boxes to a website is HTML code. The HTML code can be downloaded from a site such as Generation Union or Quack It.

What is the HTML code for a scroll box?

You can put the box as a div with borders. Then align the scrolling thing with marquee tag.

How do you code a picture with spaces left for up to 5 text boxes as a HTML layout For Howrse?

how am i ment to know

How can one create a scroll box code on their personal website?

Open your HTML editor. Go to the web page. Enter a code you can find online through a search. Select overflow auto and that will automatically create the scroll bar including what you want inside the scroll bar.

How can I make my own horseland layout with scroll boxes?

u find a scroll on a website

How do you get a scrollbar on your HTML?

You need to make the height (or width) bigger than the browser window, so you can scroll down. There is no HTML code for a scroll bar. You need to make the page long (or wide) enough, otherwise there would be nothing to scroll down (or sideways) to. Example: <html> <head> <style type="text/css" > #main { width:1000px; height:1500px; } </style> </head> <body> <div id="main"> <h1>My website</h1> <p>This is my website, and as you can see, it has scroll bars.</p> </div> </body> </html>

How do you insert a picture in your layout on Howrse?

To insert a picture, you upload the image to Photobucket or Tinypic and look for the 'Direct Link' code. Go to the HTML of your layout and insert the 'Direct Link' code to where it says 'image src:"[code here]" '. -OR- Upload the picture to Photobucket or Tinypic and look for the 'HTML' code. Go to the HTML mode of your page and paste this code at the top. Go back to normal and drag the picture into the desired spot. For Background Images in Scroll Boxes: To make a background, upload the image to Photobucket or Tinypic and look for the direct link code. Go to the HTML of your page/layout and insert the direct link code to where it says, ' <TD background:"[code here]" Hope this helps. Contact me on Howrse at the username of Bella Swan_101 if you have any questions.

What Is The Code To Show An Html A Text?

<code><code>HTML TEXT HERE</code></code>

HTML code has a limit of 10 webpages per site?

No! HTML is simply code. You can write 1 million pages of HTML code if you want. HTML is not a program. Its code. Now you may have a program that uses HTML code and that program has limitations. But not HTML itself.

How do you put a blog skin to a blog?

choose a skin somewhere...i suggest then go into 'Template' and 'Edit HTML code' (or something like that) and you might need to scroll down and click on 'Revert to Classic Template' then paste your skin's HTML code.

How do you pull up your HTML code?

You can pull up your HTML code by right clicking the code and hitting, View Source. This will open the HTML code and you can format it.

What Pokemon game has a HTML code?

No game has HTML code because HTML is only for web design.

What is the name given to a piece of HTML code?

There is no specific name to a piece of HTML code. It is just an HTML code written in markup language.

What is HTML-only?

HTML-only is code that contains nothing but HTML. HTML code typically combines HTML with client-side scripts, such as JavaScript, but HTML-only has no scripts whatsoever.

Can you see the HTML code in Kompozer?

Yes, you can see the HTML code in Kompozer.

What are the Disadvantages and advantages of HTML code editors?

there is not many disadvantages of HTML code editors but there are allot of advantages. HTML code editors can be helpful to others just as much as to them self's if not more. HTML code editors usually design websites and or web pages like the one this answer is on. the disadvantages all depend on the HTML code editor. example of a HTML code editor that has a disadvantage would be a HTML code editor that over advertises. Hope this helps <:

Where do you enter the HTML code?

You enter a HTML code in a text editor. IDE's can also be used to enter HTML codes.

How do you code in HTML?

In HTML, we code with the help of TAGS defined. These tags are the ones that provide functionality.

How can scroll the name in the HTML?

You can scroll the name using the <marquee> tag. The marquee tag can be used to slide things in all directions.

What is the HTML code for music?

The HTML code for music is <audio>. This tag is only present in HTML 5 and helps to embed music into the page.

What program can you use to edit HTML code?

Notepad can be used to create / edit HTML code all you need to do is put the <html> tag at the top of the document and close it with </html> There is also a program called dreamweaver which can be used to create / edit HTML code as well

How does HTML code produce the form displayed in the browser?

As subtle distinction between HTML and browser is that HTML code does not produce the form; the browser produces the form. The browser interprets HTML code to determine how to display page content.

What is the HTML code of Facebook?

You can't use HTML on Facebook.

Where is HTML code entered?

A HTML editor, notepad, or notepad++.

What is the HTML code for animal jam?

you cant get it its cod is html