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Q: What is the Hard substance on hot tub surface?
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What hot tub supplies do I need to perform general cleaning of my hot tub?

The level of "scum" in a hot tub depends on the level of maintenance and the chemicals in the water. Hard water elements and foreign materials build up and create "scum." What you use to clean the hot tub will depend on the nature of the built-up "scum." Take a water sample to the pool store for analysis to determine exactly what you need to clean the hot tub. Use the recommended product with an appropriate scrubber so as not to damage the interior surface of the hot tub. Make sure the chemicals are thoroughly rinsed away before refilling the hot tub. Regular maintenance and keeping the filter clean will help tremendously.

Hot Tub Covers?

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Hot Tub Cover?

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Do hot tub covers protect the hot tub from damage?

Hot tub covers can indeed prevent your hot tub from being damaged. they prevent leaves from falling into your hot tub, which can clog up various pipes and whatnot in your hot tub. Also, anything else that could get into your hot tub, will be prevented from doing so.

Hot Tub Repair?

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How can I use a hot tub cover?

You use a hot tub cover after the hot tub has cooled off. Using it while your hot tub is still warm can cause your cover to break.

How do you go about installing an above ground hot tub?

When installing an above ground hot tub, make sure you choose an area that is fairly level. You don't want to place your hot tub on uneven surfaces. The best surface to install it on is wood because it can withstand the weight of the hot tub itself as well as the water. The next thing you should check is how many volts your hot tub will require. If it is 110 V then it is safe to simply plug it into the closest outlet to the outside. If it is 220V it would be more practical to install it to your circuit breaker.

How expensive are hot tub covers?

Hot tub cover prices usually depend on the type of hot tub that you own. Hot tub cover prices can range between $100 to $400. It also depends on your income to decide if a hot tub cover is too expensive.

What is the hot tub on YoVille all about?


Why should I purchase a hot tub heater?

A hot tub is just that a tub of hot water thus, the need for a heater. To reek the benefits and pleasures of owning a hot tub a heater is an essential element to the experience.

Pool chemicals in a hot tub?

What about "pool chemicals in a hot tub"?

What is the starting age to get in the hot tub?

you have to be 12 to go into a hot tub.

How much does a hot tub cost?

for a luxury hot tub it is 15,000

Is getting into a hot tub radiationconvection or conduction?

A hot tub heat is transferred by convection. Most hot tubs use forced convection while the hot tub pump circulates the water.

Does going in a hot tub make you tired?

Only during the time in which your are in the hot tub. After leaving the hot tub, all prior weariness will have evaporated.

What is the average weight of a standard hot tub cover?

An average hot tub cover weighs 20lbs. This can vary depending on how large the hot tub is.

Can you get herpes from sharing a hot tub?

You won't get herpes from sharing a hot tub.

When was The Hot Tub created?

The Hot Tub was created on 1995-10-19.

Square hot tub is outlined by 2ft wide tile border overhead view the hot tub and border add to 144 sq ft what is the length of one side of the hot tub itself?

Square hot tub is outlined by 2ft wide tile border overhead view the hot tub and border add to 144 sq ft what is the length of one side of the hot tub itself?

What is the average price of a hot tub installation?

The average cost of a hot tub installation is about $1000 +. You have to hire a plumber and an electrician to set up a hot tub as well as a carpentar if you would like to build an area around the hot tub, such as a deck.

How much does a 6 person hot tub cost?

Generally a six person hot tub costs anywhere in between 2,999 dollars to 5,948 dollars. Also the cost of the hot tub could vary depending on the features that you want the hot tub to have.

Can you drink alcohol in a hot tub?

It is recommended not to consume alcohol while in a hot tub.

Do you have to vent a hot tub?

You do not have to vent the hot tub; but if you don't there will be a lot of dampness in the room.

What is the initial cost to install a hot tub?

The average price to install a hot tub is $3,500. The final price will be determined by the size of the hot tub and the number of jets you want.

How long do hot tub covers last?

Hot tub covers can have long lives if they are cared for properly. Hot tub covers are mostly affected by dirt and sunlight so keep it clean and perhaps put a tarp over it if the hot tub is in direct sunlight.