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If my Tagalog is any good, Mahubay means "live" or "long live...."

In Hebrew, you would say yekhi (×™×—×™)

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Q: What is the Hebrew word for Mabuhay?
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Translation of the word mabuhay in different languages?

It would be helpful if you tell us what language the word mabuhay is.

What is mabuhay in icelandic?

Mabuhay appears to be the Filipino word for "live." Live in icelandic is lifa.

What does mabuhay word in pangalatok?

In Pangasinan language, "Mabuhay" means "welcome" or "live" in English.

What does the Tagalog word Mabuhay mean?

The Tagalog word "mabuhay" means "long live" or "welcome" in English. It is often used as a greeting or well-wish in Filipino culture.

What is mabuhay in an Indian language?

"Mabuhay" is a Filipino greeting that translates to "welcome" or "long live." It is not a term in an Indian language.

Translation of the word mabuhay in different languages in Brazilian?

In Brazilian Portuguese, the word "mabuhay" does not have a direct translation. It is a Filipino word that is used as a greeting or well-wishing expression, similar to saying "welcome" or "long live" in English.

What is the tagalog of survive?

The Tagalog word for survive is "magtagumpay" or "mabuhay."

What is mabuhay in Egyptian language?

mabuhay in egypt

How do you say mabuhay in hawaiin?

In Hawaiian, the word "mabuhay" does not have a direct translation. However, a common greeting in Hawaiian is "Aloha," which is used to say hello, goodbye, and also means love and compassion.

What is the maranao translation ng long live and mabuhay?


What is the population of Barangay Mabuhay?

Barangay Mabuhay's population is 8,772.

What is mabuhay in bicolano?

mabuhay kayo