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Title = כּוֹתֶרֶת , pronounced kotéret.

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Q: What is the Hebrew word for title?
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Is the word title Greek or Hebrew?

The English word "unity" is of Latin origin, neither Greek nor Hebrew. Unity in Hebrew is achdut (אחדות).

What is the national antheim of Israel?

Its title is "Hatikvah" ... the Hebrew word for "The Hope".

What is the title for God meaning the Lord?

The Hebrew word for God which means Lord is "Adonai".

Does the Hebrew title of the Book of Psalms mean praises or songs of praises?

The Hebrew title of the Book of Psalms is Tehillim (תהילים). This word literally means "praises" but in Hebrew a "praise" is a synonym for a "religious song."Note that each individual psalm in Hebrew is called a shir (שיר) which means "song" or "poem".

What is the Hebrew word for uncle?

The Hebrew word is "Dohd" דוד The word can also be used as a title of respect for elders (for example neighbours, acquaintances, as well as total strangers), or as a term of endearment (especially in biblical poetry) This word is the same in both Biblical and Modern Hebrew.

What is the Hebrew word for count?

To count = see-PEHR, סיפר Count (as a title of a person) = ro-ZEN, רוזן

What is the movie title 'Couples Retreat' in Hebrew?

Tipul Zugi is a Hebrew equivalent of the title to the movie 'Couples Retreat'.

What does beresit mean?

The Hebrew title consist of the first word or two in the book called beresit simply called as in the beginning.

Which famous novel was written in 1954 and has a title which is the English translation of the Hebrew word Beelzebub?

"Lord of the Flies," which in Hebrew is Ba'al Zvoov (בעל זבוב). Beelzebub is some kind of partial mistransliteration.

What is the Hebrew word for an?

There is no Hebrew word for "an." There is no indefinite article in Hebrew.

Is Calalini a Hebrew word and If so what's the meaning of it when translated to English?

Calalini is not a Hebrew word and has no meaning in Hebrew.

What is the Hebrew word for nun?

nun = Nezirá (נזירה).However, as a title of address, there is no Hebrew word equivalent to "sister". 85% of Israeli Catholics speak Arabic as their native language. The remaining are Greek, Armenian or Latin based.