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Q: What is the Hindu beliefe of reincarnation?
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Reincarnation is the Hindu belief that the individual soul?

reincarnation is the Hindu belief that the individual soul

What is the Hindu word for rebirth of soul?

the Hindu word for rebirth of soul is Reincarnation (punarjanma). Reincarnation (punarjanma) is deeply rooted with Hindu culture.

What is the Hindu belief in reincarnation?

Reincarnation is the Hindu belief that each person has a soul that will experience succesive rebirths until they achieve Moksha (release from the cycle).

What is the Hindu perspective on reincarnation?

what is karma

What are basic Hindu beliefs?

The Hindu's believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation is the religious or philosophical concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, begins a new life in a new body that may be human, animal or spiritual depending on the moral quality of the previous life's actions. The Hindu's are actually the most involved into reincarnation.

Which belief Hindu beliefs do buddhists reject?


What are the Hindu levels of reincarnation?

Sorry but no one knows that you must question this question to any Hindu monk

How do you use 'reincarnation' in a sentence?

The basis of the Hindu and Buddhist afterlife is reincarnation, or recycling of one's spirit or soul into another body.

Who used reincarnation?

God Krishna used reincarnation in Gita.Hindu.

The caste system was reinforced by the Hindu belief in what?

Their belief in Reincarnation.

What is the goal of the Hindu faith?

To escape the cycle of rebirth. (reincarnation)

Reincarnation is the Hindu belief that?

Each person has a soul which will be reborn.

Can you use a ruby for healing?

In the Hindu beliefe they think that a ruby is is the soul of a trapped spirit. They believe it to have spiritual healing qualities if you rub them against your body.

Do Hindu'S believe in the soul?

yes, Hindu's do believe in the soul because they believe in reincarnation the rebirth of the soul in various forms

Do Hindu's believe in karma and reincarnation?

yes, Hindus have firm belief In The Law of Cause and Effect (karma). They also have belief in Reincarnation (punarjanma).

What did the Hindu beliefs about reincarnation?

if you die you can have rebirth into a higher caste system

The Hindu belief in more than one birth is called?


Two important Hindu beliefs presented in the Vedas?

reincarnation and karma

Is belief in reincarnation part of both Buddhist and Hindu religions?


What are common Hindu beliefs?

a Hindu belief is reincarnation and it is the belief that you can come back as something useful in the next life if you are successful in the first

What is the relationship between good and behavior and the Hindu idea of reincarnation?

The Hindu / Buddhist view of Reincarnation is that if you behave in a moral and ethical way, you will be rewarded. In the same way, if you behave immorally and mistreat yourself or others, you will be punished and reincarnated as something lesser.

Reincarnation is the Hindu belief that the individual soul is?

Is Reborn in a different form of death.

The Hindu belief in more than one brith is called?

It is called reincarnation.

What is the name given to the Hindu cycle of life death and rebirth?

it is called reincarnation

How many hindus belief in reincarnation?

can't tell. But that is part of HIndu samskara.