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The Hindu's are firm believers of reincarnation, or each living being living countless lifetimes in different forms. Also important to them was the concept of karma. Karma, expressed broadly: "What you reap is what you sow", or the actions you commit now influence how your next life will turn out. In terms of how death and rebirth occured, the Hindu belief was that each living entity had a life essence (close to the idea of a soul) known as atman (aathma is how its pronounced). This atman is immortal, and once death occurs, it is freed from the old body, and moves into a new body. This cycle goes on forever, unless it can be broken by what is called moksha. like other religions Hinduism also has the concept of Heaven and Hell.But the ultimate goal is not to reach heaven but god himself.Dedicate ur life wholly to God to reach him.. but if we lead a life bound to the earthly relations we get to have a birth again.if we do good deeds and be good always we reach heaven and we are reborn again as a much better person like a chance given to u to achieve moksha! but if we do something wrong we are made to be born again in a much inferior body.But once Moksha is achieved there is no rebirth and we would be free from the cycle of birth. Interestingly the theory of reincarnation is being proved to be true.

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Hinduism is followed by Hindu people . In Hindu religion there are believers of reincarnation . In Hinduism great importance is given to Karma.

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Q: What is the Hindu understanding of death and rebirth?
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What is the name given to the Hindu cycle of life death and rebirth?

it is called reincarnation

What is the meaning of life and death for a Hindu?

They believe in rebirth, and regeneration after death. But they say that all non-Hindu's are not reborn but a Hindu could be reborn as anything.

What is the Hindu word for rebirth of soul?

the Hindu word for rebirth of soul is Reincarnation (punarjanma). Reincarnation (punarjanma) is deeply rooted with Hindu culture.

What is the Hindu belief in rebirth after death called?

Punarjanmam which means reincarnation. There are many Indian languages, hence the term may differ.

What is the cycle of birth death and rebirth?

reincarnation is the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

What is the Hindu view on death?

Hinduism believes in rebirth and reincarnation of souls. So death is not a calamity, its a natural process in which transition happens from one state to another depending on their karma (sin).

What is the goal of the Hindu faith?

To escape the cycle of rebirth. (reincarnation)

What is the Hindu term for the endless cycle of birth life death and rebirth?

SAMSARA- samsara is the endless cycle of birth a.k.a the continual reincarnation. hope that helped!

What did the Hindu beliefs about reincarnation?

if you die you can have rebirth into a higher caste system

What causes human suffering in the Hindu religion?

Hinduism believes in rebirth of souls and rebirth can be avoided only through faith.Every hindu does not like to have rebirth as he is not certain whether he would be born a man or animal in the next birth. Human suffering is the result of his actions in the previous birth.

What do Hindu believers believe happens after death?

Hindus believe rebirth happens after death and depending on you deeds in you past live(s) it determines, your class your status your parents if you are a human or animal and so on and so forth

What is the ultimate goal of a Hindu in which they escape the cycle of rebirth to reunite with Brahman?


What did the Hindu's want to find?

The point of a hindu life, they believe, is to go through many rebirths and death until they find pure peace, which is moksha, when the cycle of birth and rebirth stops.

How does Hinduism feels about death and afterlife?


What is the meaning of life death and rebirth?


What is the cycle of death and rebirth known as?


What is the cycle of death and rebirth called?


In Hindu religion after a person dies what happens?

Rebirth according to his Karmas - good or bad actions

What is life after death in the Hindu religion?

As per the Katha Upanishad, the ancient Hindu scripture, at death, one of two things happens - the body dies but the ME, the Mind and the Ego, that carries its Karma is reborn in a new body. This happens again and again till we attain Moksha or Mukti which is liberation or freedom. The moment we attain Moksha, we are liberated from the cycle of death and rebirth. Then we are united with God. This is the belief of ancient Hinduism known as Sanatana Dharma. Life after death for a man who lives with ignorance is to experience heaven or hell when he comes back to earth in a new body, because we experience both pleasure and pain in this world. However, as said earlier, if we realize the truth of who we are, at death, we are liberated from Karma and the cycle of death and rebirth. When we are liberated and united with God, there is only bliss, and Ananda.

Victorian attitudes towards death and rebirth?


What is Hinduism samsara?

The endless cycle of death and rebirth.

Hindu death rituals?

Hindu death rituals basically consisting of burning of the body by the male only.

When Hindu dies they believe that one will be reborn into another creature This cycle of birth and rebirth is called?


In Hinduism escape from the cycle of rebirth is called?

Moksha, which means emancipation or release, is freedom from Samsara in Hindu, the cycle of death and rebirth. One who achieves Moksha is one who has achieved total self realization and self knowledge. Moksha, along with Dharma, Artha and Kama, represents the four goals of human life.

What are some philosophies of death and dying?

Is there life after death? (afterlife, rebirth, what happens after you die)