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Westpac's Swift Code is WPACAU2S (Australia does not use IBAN numbers)

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Q: What is the IBAN code for the Westpac Bank?
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What is the iban number of westpac bank?

Westpac's Swift Code is WPACAU2S (Australia does not use IBAN numbers) See

What is the IBAN and SWIFT code for Westpac Penrith Sydney Australia branch?

Funds will be transferred from a bank in Europe into my Westpac Business account. Please provide the IBAN / SWIFT numbers required.

What is the swift code for westpac bank?

I am trying to wire money from USA to Westpac bank in Joondalup but I need a Swift code or an ABA what is it

Do bank in Australia operate with IBAN?

No, IBAN is used exclusively by European banks. To transfer to/from Australian institutions you need to obtain a SWIFT code from your bank. Would be nice if someone could give example of how to complete transfer on line info. French bank details mention: Name of account holder IBAN BASIC ACCOUNT NUMBER The account in Australia gives me a BSB number and an account number. Australian banks do in fact operate with IBAN numbers when dealing with overseas banks. According to Westpac - your IBAN number in Westpac is 12 digits - your BSB and your Account number all together. This is typed in without any spaces or dashes. In addition, most foreign banks want a SWIFT code (your Australian bank will gladly provide one.) Some foreign systems also want an alphanumeric code as part of the 12 digit IBAN - Best to confirm with the foreign bank on that one.

What is swift for westpac private bank?

The Westpac bank's swift code is WPACAU2S and its routing number is 032980.

What is the iban code for BBT bank?

The iban code for BBT Bank is: BRBTUS33. However, before using this code, please contact the bank personally to ensure they have not changed the code.

What is the swift code bank of Melbourne?

Bank of Melbourne was swallowed up by Westpac years ago. The Westpac SWIFT code for Melbourne is WPACAU2SMEL

Iban code for hsbc hong kong?

The Iban (International Bank Account Number) is the same as the number you might have of the HSBC Bank Account. Any HSBC bank account number can also be used as an IBAN.


I am a manager at TCF Bank, and we have no IBAN Code.

What is IBAN number for CIMB?


Iban code of standard chartered bank in Jordan?


What is iban code for sabb bank in Saudi Arabia?

IBAN Number for 003096666026

What is the swift code for Westpac bank Australia?


What is the swift code for westpac bank in Tonga?


What is the IBAN code for the Woori Bank?

Woori bank do not use iban code. Just use bic code and acct no. Bnf's name is sufficient. Woori bank Seoul 's bic is hvbkkrsexxx.

What is the IBAN code of the Bank AL Habib?

There is no one specific IBAN code for this bank. If you go to their website and input your account number it will generate the code for you. It varies according to you bank account number.

What is iban number and swift code for bank of the Philippine islands?

landcode of iban of the bank of the philippine island

What is the IBAN for Citizens Bank in Massachusetts?

There is no IBAN for Citizens Bank in Massachusetts. However, the SWIFT code for Citizens Bank in MA is CTZIUS33.

What is Iban number and swift code for canara bank in India?

A SWIFT and IBAN number can be the same. The Canara Bank in India has several SWIFT codes. Their Agra overseas branch swift code is CNRBINBBAOB.

What is the iban code for intercontinental bank nigeria?

As a Nigerian bank,which means it is not in europe,it doesn't have an iban codeNext >

What is the IBAN code for standard Chartered bank Ghana?

What is the IBAN for an account in A.D.B?

What is the Iban code for standard chartered bank Singapore?

There is no IBAN for the Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore. This is because Singapore does not have IBAN, it is mainly used by European countries.

What is the iban code for hsbc in Malaysia?

HSBC malaysia IBANSWIFT CODE HSBC BANK: HBMBMYKL Every transfer facility will either accept the swift or IBAN code. In malaysia there is the swift and no IBAN.

What is Westpac Banking Corporation's US Correspondent bank for wires?

For all payments in USD INTO Australia for Westpac accounts, the USD correspondant bank is JP Morgan Chase, swift code CHASUS33

What is the IBAN code for Bank Discount in Israel?

There is no IBAN code for the Israel Discount Bank. The swift code for the branch in Haifa is IDBLILITHAI, in Jerusalem it is IDBLILITJLM and in the Tel Aviv branch it is IDBLILITXXX.

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