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The ISBN of Ivan the Terrible - novel - is 978-1405233248.

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Q: What is the ISBN of Ivan the Terrible novel?
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How many pages does Ivan the Terrible - novel - have?

Ivan the Terrible - novel - has 128 pages.

When was Ivan the Terrible - novel - created?

Ivan the Terrible - novel - was created on 2007-06-04.

What nicknames does Ivan The Terrible Santiago go by?

Ivan The Terrible Santiago goes by Ivan The Terrible, and Jamesboy.

Was Ivan the terrible grandson of Ivan the great?

Yes, Ivan the Terrible is the grandson of Ivan the Great.

What is the ISBN of The Death of Ivan Ilyich?

The ISBN of The Death of Ivan Ilyich is 9780307268815.

Who is the terrible tsar?

Ivan IV was the terrible tsar. He was called Ivan the Terrible.

Why was Ivan the terrible so terrible?

Ivan the terrible was terrible because of his strict rules and harsh punishments.

What was the Boyars and Ivan the terrible relationship?

Ivan iv (Ivan the Terrible) was paranoid about the Boyars and had them executed.

How tall was Ivan the Terrible?

There is no sufficient information about how tall Ivan the Terrible was on any of his biographies. However, Ivan the Terrible is generally described as tall.

What is the ISBN of Ivan's Appeal?

The ISBN of Ivan's Appeal is 978-1-904985-57-0.

Who was Ivan the Terrible?

Ivan The Terrible was the Crowned Price of Moscow from 1533.

Who was Ivan the terrible's wife?

Ivan the terrible's wife was named Yulia.

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