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An Daingain

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Q: What is the Irish name for Dingle?
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What is the culture of Dingle Ireland?

It has a strong Irish culture. It is famous for Irish music and dance and the use of the Irish language.

A town in west munster?

Dingle is a town in the west of the Irish province of Munster.

What is the name of paul gasol's shoes?

dingle dangle

What is the real name of Samson Dingle?

charlie webb

In The Little Mermaid what was scuttles name for a fork?

A Dingle Hopper. And Scuttles tells Ariel that the Dingle Hopper is used by humans to comb their hair.

What is the name of the peninsula further west in Ireland?

The Dingle peninsula.

What is debbie dingle real name all names?

charlie webb

What is the name of the ancient tower near dingle Ireland?

Hussey's Folly

Where in Ireland is Dingle located?

Dingle is a town that is located in County Kerry, Ireland. It is the only town on the Dingle Peninsula and is on the Atlantic Coast. Dingle has a population of 1,920.

The beatle was known as the dingle?

No one was known as 'the dingle' but Ringo lived in an area known as 'The Dingle' as a child

What is the name of the Catholic church in dingle iloilo Philippines?

St. John the Baptist

Did Zak Dingle attack Cain Dingle in Emmerdale?

yes he did