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It is Seán in Irish spelling. Note the accent mark.

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Q: What is the Irish spelling for Sean?
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Were does shaun come from?

It's an anglicized spelling of the Irish name "Sean," which is the Irish form of the name "John."

What does Shawn mean in English?

Shawn is a variant spelling of Sean, which is the Irish word for "John"

Irish name for john?

'Sean' with an accent over the 'a' is the Gaelic (Irish) name for John. It is sometimes spelt 'Shawn' which is the phonetic spelling of the name.

What is the spelling for grandfather in Ireland?

the exact same as you've just spelt it:grandfather If you mean how is it spelt in Irish, "Sean athair"

What is the Irish spelling for sheila?

Síle is the Irish language spelling.

Is the name Shawn scottish?

No it's Irish and is written Sean (derivative of John). Shawn is generally an American spelling of Sean based on how it is pronounced. The English version is Shaun. The Ulster pronunciation of Sean has led to the name Shane.

When was Sean Kelly - Irish republican - born?

Sean Kelly - Irish republican - was born in 1972.

Does the word Sean equals god?

SeanThe name Sean is a baby boy name. The name Sean comes from the Irish origin. In Irish The meaning of the name Sean is: Irish variant of John: God is gracious; gift from God

What is the Irish spelling of aoibhe?

"Aoibhe" is the Irish spelling. It's pronounced "ee-vuh."

How do you write Sean in Gaelic?

Sean is spelled Seán in Irish Gaelic.

Is the spelling of the name Patrick of English or Irish origin?

It's probably Irish. It looks like an anglicized spelling of Pádraig. But most Irish Patricks have adopted the English spelling.

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'sheila'?

The Irish spelling of 'Sheila' is Síle. It is originally derived from Cecilia.

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