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the Irish word for punk is punk. They got lazy in trying to come up with "new" words. Besides that, I think I'm the only one who know's what punk music is on this island.

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Q: What is the Irish word for punk?
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Is cm punk Irish?

Punk is not Irish. He is from the US. I think his grandmother is Irish but I am not sure.

What is the song from the ATV game commercial.. Its Irish punk?

I'm not sure of the commercial but if you're looking for Irish Punk look to Flogging Molly and the Dropkick Murphys

What is one Irish punk rock band?

An Irish Punk Rock band you may be interested in is The Undertones, a band from Derry mostly known for "Teenage Kicks".

Is punk a bad word to say?

it depends on your opinion but punk is not an overall bad word to say.

Best Irish punk song?

Stiff Little Fingers The Tossers The Mahones Irish Rovers Icon On Fire Ocean Over Head Flogging Molly are not Irish, this is something that annoys me alot, they are an American band, nobody in Ireland knows who they are!!! The Progues Flatfoot 56 is not irish either they are from Chicago, Illinois Blood or Whiskey Flogging Molly was formed in Los Angeles, CA, but Dave King who founded the band is from Dublin Ireland. He moved to the states as an adult, he was in a few bands in Ireland before moving to Los Angeles and starting Flogging Molly.

What is the Irish word for your?

Your in Irish Gaelic is: bhurthe Irish word for your is: bhur

Is punk a flirting word?

No not really .

What is the Japanese word for punk?


Is conriocht from the Irish or Scottish word?

It is an Irish word.

Irish word 'main' means what?

It isn't an Irish word.

What does colt mean in Irish?

'Colt' is not an Irish word. The Irish word for colt is bromach.

What is the Irish word for plant?

The Irish word for plant isplandaí