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I don't want to be a burden is an English equivalent of 'Non voglio essere un peso'. The adverb 'non' means 'not'. The verb 'voglio' means '[I] want or wish'. The infinitive 'essere' means 'to be'. The masculine indefinite article 'uno'* means 'a, one'. The masculine noun 'peso' means 'weight, burden'. All together, they're pronounced 'nohn VOH-lyoh EHS-seh-reh oon PEH-soh'.

*The vowel 'o' of 'uno' drops before a noun that begins with a consonant.

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Q: What is the Italian 'Non voglio essere un peso' in English?
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What is 'getto del peso' when translated from Italian to English?

Getto del peso in Italian means "shotput" in English.

What is 'with a heavy heart' when translated from English to Italian?

Con un peso sul cuore.

What does un peso means in English?

peso means small

How do you say peso in English?

The word "peso" is already used in English to refer to the currency of several countries, including Mexico, Argentina, and the Philippines. Therefore, there is no specific translation needed for the word "peso" in English.

What does Piso mean in English?

Piso or Peso

What does peso mean in English?

It literally means "weight". When it became a currency, a peso meant "un peso de plata" or a "silver weight".

What is the money system in Philippines?

Philippine money is called the Filipino Peso, or in English the Philippine Peso.

What is the Italian 'Quanto peso posso portare' in English?

How much weight can I bring [or carry] is an English equivalent of 'Quanto peso posso portare'. The masculine interrogative 'quanto' means 'how much'. The masculine noun 'peso' means 'weight'. The verb 'posso' means '[I] am carrying, carry, do carry'. The verb 'posso' means '[I] am able to or can'. The infinitive 'portare' means 'to carry, bring'. All together, they're pronounced 'KWAHN-toh PEH-soh POHS-soh pohr-TAH-reh'.

Peso e Atura de Mike shinoda?

This is an ENGLISH site, so please keep it English.

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a peso you get a peso you kept

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A peso is 100% of a peso.

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The Mexican currency is the Peso.