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i think its niwa because niwa is chicken

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Q: What is the Japanese meaning of rooster?
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How do you say Rooster in Japanese?

雄鶏・おんどり (ondori) is the Japanese word for "Rooster".

What does a rooster represent?

What a rooster represents has different meanings related to the culture of the person or people using the rooster as a symbol. The Japanese use the rooster to represent the sun and the claws representing the science of war. In America, the rooster in the kitchen represents trust and good luck.

How do you spell rooster in Japanese?

(Kanji:) 巨嘴鳥 /o o ha shi/ usually written (Kana:) オオハシ (Romaji:) 'oohashi' is the Japanese word for Toucan. [ 'oo' read with elongated 'o' sound not 'u']

What is the meaning of gallo del cielo stand for?

Rooster from heaven

What do roosters symbolize in Japanese culture?

The rooster symbol can be found in many cultures of Asia but it happens to be most venerated in Japan. For the Japanese people the rooster is a sacred animal. Therefore it is allowed to roam freely and even enters the Shinto Temples where it is believed according to the Japanese tradition that the rooster gives the morning call to the goddesses Amaterasu. The rooster is meant to exemplify a number of virtues. The comb symbolizes civil merit whereas the spurs are taken as military merit. The fighting ability of the rooster makes it a symbol of courage whereas its cocking gives it the representation of reliability. Those interested in the martial arts & combat might be interested in reading the page on Japanese Busido symbols

What is the meaning joghoo?

Njogoo is a kikuyu word which means rooster in English.

What does it mean when a rooster foot is left at your doorstep?

nothing, there is no meaning at all.

What is the name of Japanese language?

"Japanese" in Japanese is calledNihongoNihon meaning Japan, go meaning language.

What is the meaning of interference in Japanese?

the meaning of interference in Japanese is interference, a meaning doesn't change, the word that means it does. the word interference in Japanese is "Kanshō"

What is the symbolic meaning of a rooster?

In the West, the rooster has been a symbol of a rising sun and starting a new day. In the East, specifically in China, the rooster is a part of the Chinese zodiac and people born in the year of the rooster are supposed to be perfectionists, critical, egotistical, but also acute, practical, and organized.

What is the Hebrew orgin meaning of the word cock?

if you mean a rooster, then the translation is tarnegol.

What is The meaning of a rooster on a family crest?

in short it means your clan were great warriors