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Komando o

私はあなたをやって欲しい。 Watashi WA anata o yatte hoshii.

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Q: What is the Japanese translation for the word 'Commands you' or 'I want you to'?
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Word for Japanese master?

SenseiSenseiin a way means "master" as it means teacher. However, if you are looking for the word "master" in literal translation, meaning the controller of a particular thing such as a person who commands salves,or commands the seas, it would beMasuta

What is the English translation of the Japanese word doujin?

Although there are a number of different sites that offer the service of language translation, it has been found that there is not a translation for a Japanese word doujin. There have been multiple efforts to find this translation and the results come up with the same word as a translation. Further research has shown that the word doujin refers to a Japanese cartoon.

What is the translation for the word scum in Japanese?


How do you spell the word for the Japanese ivory figurines?

If you want translation of 'ivory figurine' into Japanese it would be 象牙人形 /zou ge nin gyou/.

What is the Japanese word for Gladiator?

The Japanese translation for gladiator is 剣闘士.

Which word is the best English translation of the Japanese word shogun?


What does the Japanese word clarity symbolize?

"Clarity" is not a Japanese word, but the English to Japanese translation for "clarity" is 明瞭さ (meiryousa).

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What is the translation word for mature in Japanese language?


What is the word 'mermaid' when translated from English to Japanese?

the nearest translation/japanese equivilent is 'ningyo'

What does the name 'Cassie' Mean in Japanese?

Cassie isn't a Japanese word, so it has no translation.

What does smith mean in Japanese?

"Smith" isn't a Japanese word, so it has no translation. If you're looking for the Japanese word for "blacksmith," it's: kajiya.