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Your aunt's husband is your uncle, and thus your 叔父さん/伯父さん/おじさん (oji-san).

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Q: What is the Japanese word for aunt's husband?
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What is a daughter's aunts husband's daughters sister?

the daughter's cousin

What relation are you to your mother's aunt's husband's sister's son?

Your mother's aunt's husband's sister is your mother's aunts sister-in-law but is not related to you. Her son is not related to you either.

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How do you call Aunty in Japanese?

Oba-san = aunty (formal) it's mostly used for more elderly aunts or distant (less familiar) aunts. Oba= aunt (normal) Changing it to 'chan' makes it more casual.

Do aunt and uncles have to be blood related?

Your aunts and uncles are the sisters and brothers of your parents. So they are "blood related." But you also call the husband of your mother's sister your uncle, and he is not "blood related." So aunts and uncles are not always really related to you.

Is it ok to marry aunts' husbands' daughter?

Yes, it should be, it is not considered incest because it is not by blood. You are marrying your aunt's HUSBAND'S daughter.

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