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地獄の怒 /ji go ku no i ka ri/.

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Q: What is the Japanese word for rage of hell?
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What is the Japanese word for poop?

the Japanese word for poop is istgullibleoop hell yes it is

What is the Japanese word for insects of hell?

It is a word from Inuyasha, Sonyosho which means insects of hell

How to translate the word anger and hell in Japanese?

怒り /i ka ri/ is Japanese for 'anger' and 地獄 /ji go ku/ is for that 'hell'.

What is hell hound in Japanese?

I forgot the word for 'hell' but 'hound' is "ryoken" or something and similarly, 'dog' is "inu".

How do you write the word rage in Japanese?

Ikari is spelled 怒り (いかり).

What is the word 'hell' when translated from English to Japanese?

The most common way to say 'hell' in Japanese would be 地獄 (jigoku). Two less common alternatives are 奈落 (naraku) and 魔界 (makai).

What is the noun for the word rage?

The word rage is a noun, an abstract noun; rage (rages, raged, raging) is also a verb.

Is the word rage an adjective?

No, rage is a noun. Rage can be used as a verb, for example.. To rage against the dying of the light.

How do you say rage in Japanese?

激怒 Gekido

How can make a sentence with the word rage?

After he was fired he was in a rage with the company.

Is frustration an abstract noun?

The noun 'rage' is an abstract noun. You can see (and hear) the outward expressions of rage, but the rage is what that person is feeling inside; a word for an emotion.The word 'rage' is also a verb: rage, rages, raging, raged.

What type of noun is this word rage?

The noun rage is a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for an emotion.