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Jews have a number of religious books. The most important are the Tanakh and Talmud, but there are thousands of Jewish religious books. There is no general title for Jewish Religious Literature.

The Torah is the Five Books of Moses. It is the holiest of Jewish books.

The Tanakh, which is the Hebrew Bible, contains the Torah, the Prophets and the Scriptures. Together, these make up the written law.

The Oral Law was passed down through oral tradition until Rabbi Judah HaNasi felt (1800 years ago) that it might eventually be forgotten. He transcribed it; and it is called the Mishna. The Mishna is expounded upon in the Gemara; and together they make up the Talmud.

To read more about the Tanakh and about the Jewish Holy Books, please see the Related Question below.

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What is the Jewish religious teacher called?

A Jewish religious teacher is called a rabbi.

What is the religious book called tarrah?

The Torah is the book of law in the Jewish religion and included in the Old Testament of the Bible.

What are the names of all the religious books?

The Christian book is called the Bible. The Islamic book is called the Quran. The Jewish book is called the Tanakh. The Daoist book is called the Dao de Jing. The Confucian book is called the Analects.

What do the Jewish people call their religious book?

The Tanakh (Jewish Bible).

What is the name of the jewish religious book?

The Torah

What are the Jewish religious leaders called?

They are called Rabbis.

What are Jewish religious teachers called?


What is a Jewish religious teacher called?

A Rabbi.

What are Jewish religious leaders are called?


What is the Jewish religious bath called?

a mikvah

Is there a Jewish religious man called Shadah?


What are religious Jewish teachers called?


What is a Jewish prayerbook called?

A Jewish prayer book is called a 'siddur'.

What is the Buddhist religious book?

The Buddhist religious book is called the Tripitaka.

Are Jewish religious teachers called professors?

They're called Rabbis.

What is the Jewish book of worship?

The Jewish holy book is called the Tanach (Jewish Bible). The books that contain prayers are called a siddur (siddurim - pl).

What is a religious Jewish building called?

A synagogue or shul.

What is the Jewish Religious symbol called?

star of david

What are Jewish religious practices?

What are the various types of Jews? Is there something called Asedic Jewish?

What is the religious law for Judaism?

Jewish religious law is called 'halacha' and is found in the Talmud.

What is the book of Jewish worship called?

The Jewish prayerbook is the Siddur.

What is the Sikh's religious book called?

Guru Granth Sahib is the religious book of the Sikhs.

What is a Jewish book called?


What are islamic and jewish religious leaders called?

Islamic religious leaders are primarily Imams, but also include Muftis, Sheikhs, Ayatollahs, and Qadis.Jewish religious leaders are primarily Rabbis.

Is there a book called Jewish Holidays and Customs?

There is a book by Morris Epstein (available through Abebooks) called All About Jewish Holidays and Customs.

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