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i would say appreciate casue that is the very first song nick Jonas ever recorded i think

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The newest music video out by the Jonas Brothers is called, "Burnin' Up".

You can download sheet music with midi for Jonas Brothers' songs at the Jonas Brothers Sheet Music for Guitar and Piano with Lyrics site

The Jonas Brothers' music is described as "Music on Red Bull" quotes Kevin

On Ebay. cue the music, I got it on ebay, end the music. : )

the Jonas brothers main body guard ( who was in the music video "burnin' up") is called and nicknamed big Rob!!

She is friends with the Jonas Brothers, but is not a fan of their music.

You would find their oldest/"first" music made in their very first album, It's About Time.

Nick Jonas writes some of the music for the Jonas Brothers but he doesn't write all the music either. He wrote some of them like A Little Bit Longer.

Their first single, "Mandy" was released in 2006.

none of the Jonas brothers are cute they are so ugly and their music is terrible

The Jonas Brothers currently have 3 albums made so far, from what I know of. I have heard they are working on there 4th album but not for sure. There 1st album was called It's About Time, there 2nd album was called Jonas Brothers with a Bonus Jonas edition on some, there 3rd album (the newest one) is called A Little Bit Longer.

the Jonas brothers formed a band cause' they loved music.

No, the Jonas Brothers do not appear in the music video for the song Let's Do This by Hannah Montana.

The Jonas Brothers are all singers in a band. With Nick Joe and Kevin theirs always music everywhere. The boys are also about to become actors in their new t.v. show called J.O.N.A.S. first premering on May 2nd.

i believe it was Kevin Jonas himself that said that

The Jonas Brothers, their band, Big Rob, Selena Gomez

"Live to party" by the Jonas Brothers is concidered as pop-rock music.

listen to the Jonas brothers music and you will hear?

a band consisting of 3 brothers that create generic pop music. The brothers names are Kevin, Nick and Joe and their last name is the Jonas. Hence the band name, Jonas Brothers.

They learned from the music videos

The Jonas Brothers are a teenage boy band that sings mostly pop and soul music!!!!! They are REALLY cute!!!!!

Well the Jonas Brothers asked Selena to be in the music video, I saw the video, and Selena was Nick's girl in the video.

Nick started out on Broadway then made some cds, then started writing with his brothers and now they are the Jonas brothers