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What is the Latin adjective for bird?


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If you're looking for an English adjective derived from Latin, it's "avian", from avis, "bird".

In Latin itself, the adjective is actually aviarius(-a, -um).


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The word can be used like an adjective in some compound words, such as birdhouse and birdsong. One can also use the adjective, "bird-like." The most common adjective meaning "related to birds" is avian, from the Latin, avis.

The adjective form for the noun Latin is Latin; Latin language, Latin music, Latin countries.

Bird in Latin is avis.

The word "mouse" is a noun, not an adjective. In Latin it is a masculine noun: mus.

Bird is the noun. Black is an adjective. The is an Article Adjective. And I think is is an Article Adjective too but I don't know.

Chirping can be an adjective, depending on how it's used.As an adjective -- Look at the chirping bird.As a verb -- That bird has been chirping for hours now.

Aves = Birds Avis = Bird

The Latin name is Pandion haliaetus.

The Latin adjective senior means older.

The Latin adjective meaning dignified is gravis.

"Urban", from the Latin.

No. Latin is a noun, the name of a language. Roman is an adjective pertaining to Rome. A noun and adjective cannot be synonyms.

The English adjective "insular" derived from the Latin word insula, meaning "island."

If the "pictured bird" is an owl, it's "wise".

No, it is a noun. If it is used with another noun (e.g. bird cage), it is technically a noun adjunct, not an adjective. (the word bird is also rarely a verb, meaning to go birding.)

Aves is Birds Avis is Bird

The adjective and noun agreement rule in Latin requires that a noun and any adjective that modifies must agree in gender, number, and case (but not necessarily ending).

There are multiple words in Latin for "united", the adjective "consociatus", for example. But it depends if you're looking for a verb or an adjective.

Vicina is a latin adjective meaning a neighboring.

fragrance comes from the Latin adjective fragrans

The latin word for observe is observare. Observer is the adjective.

The Latin adjective meaning "good" is bonus

Voluptuous, from the Latin "voluptas" (pleasure).

The adjective "evil" is malus in Latin. The noun is malum.

The Latin equivalent of 'house sparrow' is Passer domesticus. In the word-by-word translation, the noun 'passer' means 'a sparrow or small bird'. The adjective 'domesticus' means 'relating to the family or house, domestic'.

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