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Q: What is the Latin for redefine?
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When was Redefine - song - created?

Redefine - song - was created in 2002.

When was Redefine - Soil album - created?

Redefine - Soil album - was created on 2004-03-23.

How do you solve the unsolvable?

redefine assumptions.

What is a prefix for define?

Undefine and redefine

How do you spell redifine?

The word is spelled redefine.

What type of Browning Superposed with serial?

Please redefine the question

How is Grand Theft Auto prejudice?

Please redefine your question!

How get 1 plus 1 equals 11?

Redefine "plus".

Which work helped to redefine the symphony as a genre?

Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

What can you add 10 to 10 and still have 10?

You can if you redefine the term "add".

When is 1 bigger than 2?

Never - unless you redefine "bigger".

Why is the Mediterranean sea lifeless?

The sea is not lifeless, you may wish to redefine your question