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how do you say ranger in latin

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Q: What is the Latin meaning of forest ranger?
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What does sylvania mean in Latin?

Forest LandThe meaning of Sylvania is 'from the forest'

Where does Transylvania come from?

Transylvania is a Latin name; the meaning is beyond the forest.

What does Transylvania means?

In the Latin language the meaning of Transylvania is beyond the forest.

What is meaning of siylvia?

Siylvia is likely a variant of Sylvia. Which is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Sylvia is "woods, forest".

What is word Transylvania mean?

In the Latin language the meaning of Transylvania is beyond the forest.

Who invented the word forest and which country did it come from?

It was derived from the Latin "foris" meaning outside although its roots trace to the PIT "dwher-" And this "foris" was a late Latin makeover of the the early Latin word for forest "Silva"

What do you call a guy who forest explorer or wildlife?

* forest ranger * wildlife ranger

Is Silvia in The Bible?

No, it has Latin origins meaning 'woods, forest.' See link below:

How do you find Pokemon Ranger in Lyra forest?

i have no idea what you are talking about. you dont find a POKEMON RANGER IN A FOREST, AND THERE IS NO LYRA FOREST!!

Where is Vien Forest in Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia?

Vien Forest is north of Vientown where you get to be a Ranger.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Forest Ranger - 1912?

The cast of The Forest Ranger - 1912 includes: Robyn Adair as Bob Miller - the Forest Ranger Romaine Fielding as Jim Black

How do you use forest ranger into a sentence?

Tell the forest ranger your hiking plans. The forest ranger works in a beautiful environment.